Suzy Solar – We Are Trance Radio 059 (03-August-2022)

Artist: Suzy Solar
Title: We Are Trance Radio 059
Air Date: 03-August-2022
Genre: Uplifting Trance
Type: DJ Mix / Live Set
Quality: 256kpbs
Duration: 59:27
Size: 110 MB

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


01 Adam Francis – Finding Clarity (WE ARE TRANCE DEEP)
02 Vapour Trail – Somewhere Somehow (WE ARE TRANCE (REDUX REC.))
03 Twin View – Papillon (2ROCK (ABORA))
04 Dory Badawi ft. Roaxane Emery – Weapons Of Choice (Claas Inc. Remix) (REDUX REC.)
05 Parnassvs – Titans of Lemuria (SERENDIPITY MUZIK (BLACK HOLE))
06 Kristina Sky & Danny Stubbs ft. Evan Henzi – Rollercoaster (Glynn Alan Remix) (PURE TRANCE (BLACK HOLE))
07 Claus Backslash & Ulliwood – Can Yogi (INTERPLAY GLOBAL)
08 Atragun & Ross Cairns – Lost In Glasgow (WE ARE TRANCE (REDUX REC.))
09 Mike Van Fabio & Kim Kiona – Don’t Run Away (Last Soldier Remix) (ABORA)
10 Yoshi & Razner – The Essence (NOCTURNAL KNIGHTS)
11 Alan Morris & La Antonia & Sue McLaren – Nowhere Left To Hide (BiXX Remix) (AMSTERDAM TRANCE (RAZ NITZAN))
12 Storyteller & JAKE – Out Of My Existence (Corrie Theron Remix) (WE ARE TRANCE (REDUX REC.))