Various Performers – Crossfit Collection 015 (2022)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Crossfit Collection 015
Release Date: 2022
Genre: House
Type: Compilation, Top CD
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 242.4 Mb

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


01-Gang Gang Chop Up LA (Extended Mix)-DimSub-2:50
02-Give Me All Your Love (Original Mix)-Durante & Altieri feat. Giulia-4:40
03-East Silence (Original Mix)-Yosua Lalel-4:11
04-Back On Track (Extended)-Cutoff:Sky-4:11
05-My Body & My Soul (Tipfloor Mix)-Gianrico Leoni, Daniele Soriani & Dario Dee-6:32
06-Rock The House (Original Mix)-V.S.D. Project-5:05
07-Forbidden (Original Mix)-Flassh!-7:00
08-Sands Of Time (Asota Music Remix)-Ushuaia Boys & DJ Daniel Wilson-4:10
09-The Sea Of Death (Extended Mix)-Jayden Vega & Jet Zeith & Barend Rauch-5:32
10-Are You Ready (Original Mix)- -3:39
11-Plur (Original Mix)-Stuuks-5:05
12-Rollercoaster (Original Mix)-Brick Top-3:12
13-Only You (Original Mix)-Rian Gaigher-4:32
14-Hop Skip (Original Mix)-Alex Schmitz-6:06
15-Wherever You Will Go (Met Remix)-Danny Darko ft Hannah Koski-2:21
16-All Night (Original Mix)-Tony Oat-4:24
17-Getting Older (Original Mix)-Stayer & Musata-4:00
18-Party Noise (Original Mix)-J. Nice & Samuel Love-4:38
19-Glorious (Original Mix)-Olly James & Skylights feat. Nino Lucarelli-2:52
20-See It Through (Original Mix)-Sperz-2:30
21-Right Back (Original Mix)-AUBA-4:18
22-Kingdom (Original Mix)-DNDY-4:51
23-Cobra (Radio Mix)-YO-TKHS-2:17
24-Gypsy (Original Mix)-Blackjack-2:51
25-Unholy (Original Mix)-Dipstep-4:05