Various Performers – The VERSE – Uplifting Trance Journey 2021 (2022)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: The VERSE – Uplifting Trance Journey 2021
Release Date: 2022-01-17
Genre: Trance
Type: Compilation, Top CD
Format: MP3 Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 458.9 Mb

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


GeorD – In Silence (Original Mix)
Moonset – Goodbye My Past (Original Mix)
Magdalen Silvestra – Hold Your Dreams (Etasonic Extended Remix)
Dais – Something Was Wrong (Original Mix)
The Mechanic – Goodbye My Lover (Original Mix)
Moreno J – Someday We Will Meet Again (Original Mix)
Sapphire Sword – Legends of Sword & Sorcery (Original Mix)
Aki Harunari – Pang of Nostalgia (Original Mix)
Moreno J – In Love With You (Trance Mix)
David Surok – Childhood (Original Mix)
Iberian – For Anya (Original Mix)
Iberian – Waiting (Original Mix)
Marcprest – Lumen (Original Mix)
InnerSync – Always Here (Original Mix)
InnerSync – Summer Vibes (Original Mix)
Sapphire Sword – Itsumademo (Original Mix)
Spins – Until We Meet Again (Original Mix)
Moonset – Goodbye My Past (DreamLife Remix)
InnerSync – Escape (Original Mix)
Guava – Magical Forest (Original Mix)
Ciro Visone – You Ran Away (Original Mix)
InnerSync – Exotic Desert (Original Mix)
Ka-Da – Everytime I See You (Marcprest Remix)
Tiff Lacey – Titan Fall (Original Mix)
Soul Strike – Against The Winds (Melodic Culture Dark Sense Remix)