Various Performers – Sub-liminal Recordings On Air Part 2 (2022)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Sub-liminal Recordings On Air Part 2
Release Date: 2022
Genre: Drum & Bass
Type: Compilation, Top CD
Format: MP3 Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 411.4 Mb

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


01-Realign The Glitch-Agro & Mentah-4:07
02-2 Shots-Kumo-5:12
03-All The Time-Agro & Raz-3:50
05-Bring Me Up-Pyro-4:23
06-Clap Up-Agro & Diligent Fingers-4:00
07-Class is Over (Leaf Remix)-Yatuza-4:32
09-Curse Of Jah-Mentah-4:47
10-Distance-Yatuza & Master Error-4:29
11-Double Drop-Nick The Lot-4:35
12-Dustbin Lid-Damage Report-4:29
14-Hell Cat-Oz-5:21
15-Hitman-A N F M-4:33
16-Journey To Mars-Prestige-4:29
17-Know Your Enemy-DJ Hybrid-4:53
18-Last Night (VIP)-2N-4:14
20-Lucky House Grin-Leaf-4:27
21-Naive-Yatuza & Mofes-3:46
22-No Disrespect (Jaydan Remix)-Mentah & Jaydan-4:27
23-Noise Complaint-Agro-4:25
24-Power Trip-Ghxsty-4:26
25-Prompt Demise-Motiv-4:25
26-Runman-A N F M-4:33
27-Save Meh-Leaf-4:29
28-Shadow Of A Doubt-Mentah-4:41
30-Sketch Pad-RV-4:30
31-Smithdown Bass-Pyro-4:23
33-The Calm-Too Greezey-5:55
34-The Only-Rob Blaze-4:27
35-Tiger Style-jammin-4:29
36-Vengence-Agro & S.M.K-4:23
37-Vish Flex-Punksvicious-4:19
38-War Horn-Agro & Ghxsty-4:47
39-World Eater-Damage Report-4:34
40-World Wide-Dialogue-4:25