Various Performers – The Best Of 2021 Nu Funk (2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: The Best Of 2021 Nu Funk
Release Date: 2021
Genre: Disco
Type: Compilation, Top CD
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 316.9 Mb

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


01-crazy feeling-jayl funk-3:02
02-funky disco queen-jayl funk-3:41
03-maono-lego edit & vito lalinga-5:59
04-magiese totem-vito lalinga (vi mode inc project)-4:42
05-daban-vito lalinga (vi mode inc project)-4:15
06-the cave-vito lalinga (vi mode inc project)-6:24
07-calibro 44-alexandre louis lino olei-4:53
08-passion train-vito lalinga (vi mode inc project)-4:35
09-saturday jazz-ltg long travel groove-4:26
10-soprano-andrej laseech-5:35
11-pleasure express-vito lalinga (vi mode inc project)-4:09
12-future funk (dhany vocal remix)-vitolino vibe & friends-6:07
13-de soul-ms janette-6:01
14-total funk (revision)-ltg long travel groove-3:52
15-ghetto funk-dj moy-3:23
16-black space-dj moy-4:36
17-dub invasion-dj moy-3:48
18-funk factory-the giannacci factory-3:12
19-70 b funk-the giannacci factory-3:16
20-afroinc-the broker-3:14
21-city life 8-the broker-4:41
22-my long cocktail-the broker-5:12
23-tribal city-the broker-4:05
24-analog afro-funk windows-3:55
25-alright-break n chord-5:06
26-bayswater-break n chord-4:24
27-big buffalo head-break n chord-4:21
28-boarding pass-break n chord-4:27
29-bond street-break n chord-4:44
30-break adventures-break n chord-3:40
31-break in beer-break n chord-4:42