Various Performers – Armin Van Buuren – A State Of Trance Year Mix 2021 (2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Armin Van Buuren – A State Of Trance Year Mix 2021
Release Date: 2021
Genre: Trance
Type: Compilation, Top CD
Format: MP3 Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 275.0 Mb

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


01-A State Of Trance Year Mix 2021 (Mixed) (Intro – Learn To Dance Again)-Armin Van Buuren-2:04
02-Sirius (Mixed)-Armin Van Buuren-1:34
03-Rapture (Mixed)-Kryder-1:02
04-Pull Me Closer (Mixed) (Armin Van Buuren Remix)-Dimitri Vegas-1:02
05-Bloodstream (Mixed)-Ferry Corsten-1:20
06-Nothing To Hide (Mixed)-Cosmic Gate-1:00
07-Golden Hour (Mixed)-York-0:53
08-Almost Home (Mixed) (Above & Beyond Club Mix)-Above & Beyond-0:45
09-Asylum (Mixed)-Super8 & Tab-1:00
10-Jonson’s Play (Mixed)-Armin Van Buuren-0:45
11-In My Heart (Mixed)-D72-0:56
12-Orenda (Mixed)-Ferry Corsten-1:25
13-You Are Enough (Mixed) (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)-Ram-1:45
14-Impulse (Mixed)-Roman Messer-0:35
15-Dance (Mixed)-Ben Nicky-0:41
16-Yama (Mixed)-Armin Van Buuren-1:37
17-A State Of Trance Year Mix 2021 (Mixed) (Outro – Power Of The Present)-Armin Van Buuren-0:48
18-Ocean (Mixed)-Avira-0:45
19-Stardust & Madness (Mixed)-Ilan Bluestone-1:00
20-Feel It (Mixed)-Cosmic Gate-1:14
21-Hold On (Mixed) (Club Mix)-Armin Van Buuren-1:31
22-Leave A Little Love (Mixed) (Club Mix)-Alesso-1:29
23-Divino (Mixed)-Armin Van Buuren-1:00
24-1998 (Mixed) (Jose De Mara Remix)-Binary Finary-1:01
25-Hide U (Mixed) (Tinlicker Remix)-Sian Evans-1:31
26-Gold (Mixed)-Avira-0:46
27-Poison (Mixed) (Club Mix)-Scorz-1:00
28-On The Beach (Mixed) (Kryder Remix)-York-0:47
29-Children (Mixed)-Tinlicker-1:16
30-Blame (Mixed)-Cosmic Gate-1:01
31-Spüren (Mixed) (Club Mix)-Kyau & Albert-1:30
32-Glow (Mixed)-Tom Staar-1:15
33-Outside 21 (Mixed)-Kyau & Albert-0:45
34-Tell Me Why (Mixed)-Armin Van Buuren-1:00
35-Love Is Gone (Mixed) (Armin Van Buuren Remix)-Slander-1:21
36-Paid For Love (Mixed)-Ilan Bluestone-1:14
37-Love Again (Mixed) (Beatsole Remix)-Patrik Humann-1:29
38-This Way (Mixed)-Marlo-1:24
39-Silver Lining (Mixed) (Mark Sixma Remix)-Andrew Rayel-0:58
40-Panic Attack (Mixed)-Shane 54-0:44
41-Level Up (Mixed)-Fergie-0:43
42-Everlast (Mixed)-Rub!k-0:58
43-Volt (Mixed)-Orjan Nilsen-0:58
44-Ascendit Ad Paradisum (Mixed)-Andrew Rayel-1:27
45-Shoganai (Mixed)-Dim3nsion-0:57
46-I’m The Future (Mixed)-Ahmed Helmy-1:13
47-Human Inside (Mixed) (Avenia Remix)-Vigel-0:44
48-Calling Home (Mixed)-Gareth Emery-1:12
49-Heartbeat (Mixed)-Roman Messer-0:43
50-King’s Future (Mixed)-Ahmed Helmy-0:43
51-Pantheon (Mixed)-Orjan Nilsen-0:43
52-Paradise (Mixed)-Omnia-0:56
53-Friendly Fires (Mixed)-Gareth Emery-1:28
54-September (Mixed)-Super8 & Tab-1:55
55-Ilanga (Mixed)-Beatsole-0:59
56-Music Means Love Forever (Mixed)-Steve Aoki-0:59
57-Made Of Stone (Mixed)-Richard Durand-1:05
58-River (Mixed)-Andrew Rayel-0:58
59-Beautiful (Mixed)-Giuseppe Ottaviani-1:26
60-My Guiding Light (Mixed)-Christina Novelli-2:09
61-Equator (Mixed)-David Forbes-0:34
62-Change The World (Mixed)-Ben Gold-0:43
63-Café Del Mar (Mixed) (Paul Van Dyk’s Shine Remix)-Energy 52-0:57
64-Yellow (Mixed) (Eugenio Tokarev Remix)-Zaa-1:12
65-Burasari (Mixed)-Roger Shah-0:57
66-Rebirth (Mixed)-Davey Asprey-0:57
67-Magico (Mixed)-Armin Van Buuren-1:01
68-Tidal Wave (Mixed) (Will Atkinson Remix)-Markus Schulz-1:11
69-For All Time (Mixed)-Armin Van Buuren-2:00
70-Feel The Trance Energy (Ter Anthem) -Alessandra Roncone-1:04
71-You Should Know (Mixed)-Reorder-1:11
72-Blue Roses (Mixed)-Andrew Rayel-2:07
73-Euphoric Recall (Mixed)-Bryan Kearney-0:55
74-I Choose You (Mixed)-Robbie Seed-0:58
75-I Am (Mixed)-A.R.D.I.-1:25
76-The River (Mixed)-Roman Messer-1:11
77-Sail Away (Mixed) (Roger Shah & Yelow Uplifting Mix)-Sunlounger-0:56
78-Tears Don’t Mean You’re Losing (Mixed)-Ciaran Mcauley-1:26
79-Glowing In The Dark (Mixed)-Giuseppe Ottaviani-1:10
80-Hymn Of Hope (Mixed)-Aly & Fila-0:56
81-Keep Me Believing (Mixed)-Craig Connelly-1:37
82-More Than Love (Mixed) (Craig Connelly Remix)-Andy Moor-1:51
83-Lost In Space (Mixed)-Armin Van Buuren-1:24
84-Tuscia Est (Mixed)-Andrea Ribeca-1:23
85-Viva La Vida (Mixed) (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)-Jorn Van Deynhoven-0:56
86-Be The Angel (Mixed)-Giuseppe Ottaviani-0:56
87-Home (Mixed) (Maarten De Jong Remix)-Coast 2 Coast-1:25
88-Moonscape (Mixed)-Stoneface & Terminal-1:24
89-If I Never Make It Home (Mixed)-Dan Stone-0:44
90-Walk Into The Water (Mixed) (Craig Connelly Remix)-Bt-0:39
91-Gravity (Mixed) (Daxson Remix)-Aly & Fila-0:57
92-Sea Of Thoughts (Mixed)-Factor B-1:23
93-Lost (Mixed)-Liam Melly-1:10
94-Turn The World Into A Dancefloor (Asot 1000 Anthem) -Armin Van Buuren-0:42
95-Angel (Mixed)-Alexander Popov-1:10
96-Tree Of Life (Mixed)-Richard Durand-0:57
97-Stars Collide (Mixed) (Xijaro & Pitch Remix)-Somna-1:25
98-Lately (Mixed)-Roman Messer-1:25
99-World For You (Mixed)-Ashley Wallbridge-0:57
100-The Last Rave On Earth (Mixed)-Will Atkinson-1:04
101-Golden Hour (Mixed)-Simon Patterson-0:47
102-Home With You (Mixed) (Armin Van Buuren Pres. Rising Star Remix)-Armin Van Buuren-1:01
103-The Greater Light To Rule The Night (Mixed)-Armin Van Buuren-1:06
104-Connected (Mixed)-Factor B-1:25
105-Stranger To Your Love (Mixed) (Stoneblue Remix)-Ilan Bluestone-1:03
106-Last Goodbye (Mixed)-Luke Bond-0:56