Various Performers – Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection (2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Anjunabeats Rising 2021 Collection
Release Date: 2021
Genre: House
Type: Compilation, Top CD
Format: MP3 Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 376.1 Mb

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


01-Wildflower (Mixed)-Tygris-6:55
02-The Journey (Mixed)-Dokho-4:59
03-Underwater (Mixed)-Naz & Deanna Leigh-4:23
04-For Your Love (Mixed)-Chris Schambacher-3:11
05-All Night (Mixed)-Nourey & Zoya-3:52
06-Beautiful (Mixed)-Mehilove-4:08
07-Wanderlust (Mixed)-Dylhen-6:27
08-Taste The Water (Mixed)-Product Of Us-5:11
09-Keep Going (Mixed)-Hrrtz & Shells-4:31
10-Abyss (Mixed)-Mavros-3:37
11-Need You (Mixed)-Apollo Nash-4:31
12-Forget (Mixed)-Francesco Sambero & Madeleine Wood-4:39
13-Sisu (Mixed)-Paul Arcane-4:30
14-Control (Mixed)-Hausman-4:00
15-Titan (Mixed)-Sønin-2:58
16-Just Be (Mixed)-March 13-5:02
17-Life On Fire (Mixed)-Budd-4:34
18-Stratus (Mixed)-Notaker-3:22
19-Tonite (Mixed)-Aiobahn-5:28
20-Inner Ghosts (Mixed)-K-Mrk & Harry Diamond-4:31
21-Flares (Mixed)-Mike Saint-Jules-4:39
22-Glaze (Mixed)-The Madison-4:12
23-Desire (Mixed)-Oësha & Almero-4:59
24-We Don’t Stop (Mixed)-Co.Fi-4:37
25-In Your Hands (Mixed)-Bexxie-4:34
26-Amani (Mixed)-Dimibo-5:08
27-Home (Mixed)-Parallels-4:30
28-Void (Mixed)-Otiot & Lovlee-4:04
29-Running With The Wind (Mixed)-Chris Giuliano Feat. Natalie Major-5:30
30-Pressure (Mixed)-Cloudnone-4:25
31-Time (Mixed)-Alex Sonata & Therio-4:45
32-On & On (Mixed)-Fsho Feat. Louise Rademakers-4:30
33-Gaslighter (Mixed)-Stephen Kirkwood-5:00
34-Stranger (Mixed)-Euphoric Nation & Michael Fearon Feat. Lya Adams-4:04
35-Biding Time (Mixed)-Amy Wiles-4:11
36-I Don’t (Mixed)-Gvn-4:21