Various Performers – 40 Essential Soft House Tunes (2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: 40 Essential Soft House Tunes
Release Date: 2021
Genre: House
Type: Compilation, Top CD
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 583.3 Mb

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


01-Ambient-Don Carlos-4:22
02-A Little Piano-Soft House Company-6:03
03-Alaskan (Vibe Mix)-Double Dee-5:45
04-A New Born Day (feat. Silvia Donati) (Belladonna & Delexy Instrumental Velvet)-Belladonna-8:52
05-Caterpillar (Atjazz Instrumental Remix)-Amana Melomè-7:14
07-Body (feat. James Lavonz) (Deepsearcher Pure Mix)-Dolls Combers-6:28
08-Connie (Sweet Edit)-DJ Umbi-6:53
09-Ground 2 (Don Carlos Trip)-Sotterranea-5:33
10-We Need Music (The Needed Mix)-Key Tronics Ensemble-6:15
11-Realize (feat. Virag) (Quiroga Remix)-From P60-6:09
12-Mediterrano-Don Carlos-5:27
13-Midnight Piano-Belladonna-7:38
14-Sunset in Miami-D’Andy & Bodyles-5:58
15-Round Midnight-Duran Y Garcia-5:12
16-She’s On Fire (Ricky Birickyno Classic Instrumental Edit Remix)-MoonDisko-6:04
17-Antares (Micky More & Andy Tee Special Edit)-Omniverse-6:32
18-Global Warning (Manna Remix)-Bruno from Ibiza-5:20
19-I’d Like to Be with You (feat. Oumy) (Remix Dub)-White Soul Project-7:02
20-With Me-Deep Union-6:37
21-Remember (Loop Instrumental)-Mistiness-4:34
22-Violence (Jose Dicaro Remix)-Asciari-7:31
23-The Spirit of Ibiza (Massimino Lippoli Remix)-DJ Fede-7:49
24-I Love It-Soundhands-6:29
25-Gimme Good Love-Riviera Traxx-7:04
26-Calypso of House (Sicania Soul Introspective Mix)-Key Tronics Ensemble-6:03
27-Alright Alright (Daydream Mix)-Centric House-6:56
28-Give Me Your Love (House Club Instrumental)-Be Noir-7:49
29-Bond Street-Subway Ground Master-3:47
30-The Goddess Of Love-Bizio Cool-7:13
31-I Can Love Nobody (Underground Instrumental)-Don Carlos-4:49
32-Everything Has a Meaning-Submantra, Dj Umbi-6:16
33-Never Get Enough (Day After Mix)-Omniverse-6:37
34-To The Limit (Deep Limit Dub Mix)-Fabio Faltoni-7:27
35-Keen-Earth Says-5:18
36-Hold My Hand-DJ Moses-5:54
37-Reason Grows-Roller Coaster-5:52
38-In Tha Moondisco (I Feel Good When I Dance) (Massimo Conte Instrumental Remix)-MoonDisko-6:47
39-Downtown (feat. Mara J Boston)-Paolo Faz-7:40
40-Jazz Guitar-Duran Y Garcia-6:48