VA – JUNODOWNLOAD Hard Techno / Hardcore, Hard Dance August 2021 (31-08-2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: JUNODOWNLOAD Hard Techno / Hardcore, Hard Dance August
Genre: Hard Techno, Hard Dance
Release Date: 31-August-2021
Audio Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Tracks: 112 Size: 1.5 GB

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


999999999 – Alarm 303
A.p. – World Of Fury (D.a.v.e. The Drummer Remix)
A.r.d.ii – Rave In The House (Original Mix)
Aahan – Away
Aisha (sco), Quail – Sunna
Alignment – Power
Aliha, Wrangel – Without Pain
And – Kick In The Face
And – Savages
Andy Svge, Digital Punk – World In Flames (Extended Mix) (feat. Mark Vayne)
Angy Kore, Gabriel Padrevita – Quei Bravi Ragazzi
Angy Kore, Gabriel Padrevita, D.n.s, Angry Machines – F*** You (Original Mix)
Åre:gone – Shiv Gayatri
Art Frequency – Courage (Extended Mix)
Atmozfears, Sound Rush – Come Back Home
Axmo – The Jungle (Extended Mix)
Balrog – Tokyo Drift
B-front, Kronos – I Will Find You
Charlie Sparks (UK) – Land Of Fire (original)
Chlär – Crying For Identity (Hadone Remix)
Chrs – Austenite
Clockartz – Sign Of Angels (Extended Mix)
Coone, Da Tweekaz, Hard Driver – A Thousand Journeys
Coyu – Decompression (Original Mix)
Cristian Glitch – Mental Delusions
D.a.v.e. The Drummer – Dig Into The Brain
Dario Caruson, Emiliano Cassano – Traumax
D-block & S-te-fan – Angels & Demons (Keltek Remix)
D-block & S-te-fan – Enter Your Mind
D-block & S-te-fan, Villain – We Don’t Stop (Lights Out) (Warface Remix)
Debbie It – A.a.a. Run
Debbie It – Sinners (Original Mix)
Decibela – Troublemaker
Deepack – Together
Defective, Alex Prospect – The Purge
Detachment 1 – Don’t Care
Dj Ogi – Riva (Sonico Remix)
Dstm – Selfish Attitude 2.0 (Original Mix)
Dstm – Whoelse (Original Mix)
Dstm – You Are Sinking In My Club
Dusty Kid – Sysma (Locked Groove Remix)
Dy5on, Darwin – Lights In The Sky
Ellen Allien – True Romantics (Hadone Remix)
Emiliano Cassano – Humanoid (Hels.yeah Remix)
Ertax – Start From Hell
Extraktdj – Unknown Silence
Fabrizio De Santis – Run From Death Before It’s Late (Original Mix)
False Witness – Downtown Boys
Gabriel Padrevita – Santon (Original)
Gabrielbpmusic – Racer (Original Mix)
Gpf – Suck My Toes
Gridkiller – Gunplay
Hanubis – Arcadia (Alex Bilancini Remix)
Hardtrax, O.b.i. – Asche & Staub (feat. Dunkelkammer)
Haze – Hammer In My Head (Original Mix)
Haze – Little Bitch (Gabriel Wnz Remix)
Hellfish – Run That Ruff Stuff (Original Mix)
Hels.yeah – We Are The Underground
Hickz – Giade
Imperial – #wannaknow
Jiimi – Ancient Ruins
Jimi Joel – Again
Joe Sane – White Dust
Julian Muller – Until The Sun Goes Down
Kevin Call – Oscillate
Kevin Wesp – Straight Outta Space (Original Mix)
Klangkuenstler – Weltschmerz (Original Mix)
Krl Mx – What Does The Bible Say About My Ex? (Original Mix)
Liht – Rave Against Fascism
Louisahhh – Love Is A Punk (And Remix)
Lucinee – We Trip And Roll (Original Mix)
Mad Maex – Escape
Maddix – Receive Life
Maharti – Doppler Effects (Original Mix)
Marco Kallas, Zeltak – Blue Bird (Original Mix)
Marco Leckbert, Luca Maier – Raving Mood
Mntl, D.a.v.e. The Drummer – Mindtrip (D.a.v.e. The Drummer Remix)
Msl-t – Not Melodic Techno
Myst – Driven By Pain
Mython – Endless #1 (feat. Pesante (Ger))
Nanostorm – Avoid The Light
Ninajirachi – Dracodraco
Non-specific Defence System – Theory 01 (Original Mix)
Nøus, Jörg – Feel The Agony
O.b.i. – Good Old Times A (Coyu Remix)
Peter Effe – Gotika (Gabriel Wnz, Sgarra Remix)
Pvr (arg) – Artificial Mind
Pyraxx – Take This (Original Mix)
R-Device – Cluster One (Original Mix)
Recycle Duo – Close To Reality (Original Mix)
Re-style, Cammie Robinson – Kryptonite
Ron Impro – Unterwelten (Hardtrax Feat. Dunkelkammer Remix)
Sailor Juul, Dj Lily – Synda
Sara Landry – Thirst Trap
Scepticism – Echo Chamber
Sebastian Heda – Verrat (a Birth Defect Remix)
Seven Tension – Cold Dead Hands (Original Mix)
Shdw, Obscure Shape – Die Prophezeiung (Hadone Version)
Slim Steve – Liquid Metal
Steve Shaden – Not 4 U (Original Mix)
Strisc. – 002.2
Stromtod – Ddlg (Chainreactor Remix)
Swart – Bangare Raba
Tanzanfall – Digital Insomnia (Juliana Yamasaki & O.b.i. Remix)
Tkivilsaari – Eternal Torment
Tred – Acceleration Human Error
Truant. – Early Sunday Morning
V.o.y – Communication (Original Mix)
Warind – Our First Time In London
Will Sparks – Not Awake
Zeltak – Pure Vision (Original Mix)
Zeltak – Sleep Well