VA – Beatport Top 100 Minimal / Deep Tech + Bonus Tracks (06-August-2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Beatport Top 100 Minimal / Deep Tech + Bonus Tracks
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Release Date: 06-August-2021
Audio Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Tracks: 118 Size: 1.7 GB

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


Alessio Bianchi – Strong (Original Mix)
Alex Cooksley – Highfield Road (Extended Mix)
Ammo Avenue – Over You
Anatta – I Present You (Extended Mix)
Andreas Christou – Missed Calls (Da Silva’s Remix)
Andrew Azara – Arp City (Alex Ranerro Remix)
Andrew Azara – Arp City
Apoteoz – Bel-air
Ben Murphy – Lord Of The Mics
Ben Murphy – What You Call It (Marcellus Remix)
Bloh – Santana (C.E.S.M Remix)
Cajal – House Feelings
Casey Spillman – Let’s Go
Cayee – Hot Stuff
Cerillo – Systematic
Charlie Harvey – Home Boys
Charlie Harvey – Lunar
Chinonegro – Cross My Mind (Artmann Remix)
Chris Main – Entredosaguas (Oxtended Mix)
Chris Main – Ice Cream
Close To Custom – Hold Ya Back
Colambo – Don’t Worry Boy (Extended Mix)
Connor Lloyd – Higher
Conor Harris – Only You
Cosenza – Out Of The Clouds
Cosmin Horatiu – Yeyo (Extended Dub Mix)
Danny Snowden – You’ve Got It Twisted
Dario (DE) – Freedom
David Balmont – Blue (Avance Italy Remix)
Davide Mentesana – Boys
Davide Mentesana – Future Baby
De La Swing – A Summer History (Demarzo Remix)
De La Swing – Times Up
Dean Galliano – Feel Better (Original Mix)
Desire (FR) – Instant Clubbing (Original Mix)
Di Chiara Brothers – Love Is Real
Di Chiara Brothers – Shade (Original Mix)
Dj Sidefx – After Midnight
Djoko – Mine
Domo (ES) – Greed
Dyi Mob – 0000 (Original Mix)
Dyi Mob – Yellow Sunday (Original Mix)
Eber Torres – Rock Me Baby (Original Mix)
Ekoboy – Papercut (Bohemien Extended Remix)
Elinov – Bai Long
Francesco Poggi – Keep Going (Extended Mix)
Franky Rizardo – Chutoro
Gabriel Evoke – Trip To Pluto (Original Mix)
Hatset – Walking On Clouds (Original Mix)
High Soundsystem – Itchy
High Soundsystem – Pushit
High Soundsystem – Remain (Radio Edit)
Immature – What The Funk (Andrew Azara Remix)
Italobros – Julo
Jamie Clarke – Caso Feat Danielle Nicole (Ryan Crosson’s Winter Workout) (feat. Danielle Nicole)
Jizz – Come Together (Menesix Remix)
Jizz – My House
Juliche Hernandez – Make My Love (Sidney Charles Remix)
Kosh – The Infinite Loop
Kreature – Adios
Kreature – Excuse Me
Kreech – No Control
Kreech – Whatever
Kuzey – Sax With You (Extended Mix)
Late Replies – Searching
Latmun – Again
Leonardo Gonnelli – Fast Beat (Pirate Copy Remix)
Lewraz – Balloons For Breakfast
Lewraz – Keep It Moving (Extended Mix)
Liand Villus – It’s My Sound (Mineground Remix)
Lokomodo – Stage Doors
Lucio Agustin – Promise (Christian Bistany Remix)
Madvilla – What’s Goin On
Mancini – Plaits Time
Marco Berto – Unity
Mason Collective – Mint Condition
Mat.joe – Breaker (Andrew Azara Remix)
Mathii – Astro (Original Mix)
Mattias Coll – Can You Feel
Mattisou – Tresor View (Original Mix)
Mendo – What You Think (Radio Edit)
Mihai Popoviciu – Azul
Millr – Check Mate
Minitronik – Shifter
Nathan Alzon – Balade Malade (Luuk Van Dijk Remix)
Nicolas Barnes – Balagan (Tarek Jr Mikro Interpretation)
Notiv (UK) – Bijoux
Pablo Hdez – Acuaperio (Original Mix)
Pach. – Cats Got Ya Tongue
Paolo Rocco – Waddabout Chu Ft. T.o.s. (feat. T.o.s.)
Parsec (UK) – Movin (Acid Kids Remix)
Paul Haro – Phaze
Pinney – Can’t Stop (Robin Fett Remix)
Project89 – Complicated
Proudly People – No Sweat
Ray Mono – Organic Damage
Reboot – Bah
Robbie Doherty – Moving Rhythms (Max Chapman Remix)
Rossi. – Who Am I
Saintes – Blue Thoughts
Sascha Sonido – Astral
Sascha Sonido – Body Language
Sascha Sonido – Diva (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
Shuski – Bob Ross Bassline
Sidney Charles – Avalon
Sidney Charles – Grindin
Smoud Beats – 2027 (Antss Beep Remix)
Sony Synth – Go! (Original Mix)
Stephan Bazbaz – Mount Jasmin (Io Mulen Remix)
Strippd – Deranged
Sunday Noise – Sublime (Wez Baldwin Remix)
Sunday Noise – You Hear That (Mallin Remix Edit)
T.bunts – 25 Crates (Astre Remix)
Theo Poles – The Rhythm
Theos – We Miss The Crowd
Theos. – Leaving Home
Wassu – Sun Kissed Computer
Zuckre – My Desire (Original Mix)