John Digweed – Transitions Episode 884 (Argy guest) (10-August-2021)

Artist: John Digweed
Title: Transitions Episode 884 (Argy guest)
Air Date: 10-August-2021
Genre: Tech House
Type: DJ Mix / Live Set
Quality: 320kpbs
Duration: ~116 min Size: 265 MB

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


John Digweed played:
01 Gabriels – Love And Hate In A Different Time (Kerri Chandler Remix) (SELF RELEASED)
02 Lex Ludlow – Sailors Lullaby (ATOMNATION)
03 Hannah Holland – Shutters (Nsw Clink Anthem Remix) (PRAH)
04 Elec Brown – Sombrero Cosmos (CONNAISSEUR)
05 Sascha Braemer ft. Dom Fricot – Who Died And Made You King (SYSTEMATIC)
06 Vibeat & Gabriel I – Honey Trap (CULPRIT)
07 Apnoea – Phnk (STRIPPED DOWN)
08 Hannes Bieger – Droids (BEDROCK)
09 The Pressure – Counting Down The Days (John Digweed & Nick Muir Dub Remix) (UNDISPUTED MUSIC)
10 The Pressure – Counting Down The Days (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) (UNDISPUTED MUSIC)

Argy played:
11 Argy ft. AND.ID – High Priest (Whitesquare Remix) (RENAISSANCE)
12 Mozaik – Movement (Alican Remix) (EKLEKTISCH)
13 Groovemates – Right Here Right Now (PLASTIC FANTASTIC)
14 Argy – The Third Degree (Aera Remix) (RENAISSANCE)
15 Tunnelvisions – Tell Me When We’re There (DIYNAMIC)
16 Argy – Karim de Groot (Magit Cacoon Remix) (RENAISSANCE)
17 Foreign Guest – Wem (Perel Remix) (ROH)
18 Quattrovalvole – Via Tokyo (Rebenok Acid Sushi Edit) (DISCO HALAL)
19 Because Of Art ft. Ruth Royall – Lost In the Sun (Simon Doty Remix) (STRESS)
20 Kislo – Mandala (FUTURE CLASSIC)
21 Argy – A Course In Miracle (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) (RENAISSANCE)