Various Performers – Welcome To the Farm Disc 1 (2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Welcome To the Farm Disc 1
Release Date: 2021-06-23
Genre: Breaks, Breakbeat, Bass, Trance, Hard Dance, Techno
Type: Compilation, Top CD
Format: MP3 Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 323.7 Mb

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


Eyerate – Her Face Of Mercury (Original Mix)
Faster Horses – Downstairs (Original Mix)
Aliha – Without Pain (Original Mix)
DECO 5000 – Exporter (Original Mix)
Lukas Firtzer – Melting (Original Mix)
Spockninja – Complex Emotions Let Me Know I’m Human (Original Mix)
Pravus – Vigilante (Original Mix)
MZA – GASPER (Original Mix)
D4N – PEOPLE (Original Mix)
Chané – Purple (Original Mix)
Smashana – Supa Hot Fire (Original Mix)
Astral Scare – Purple Void (Original Mix)
Hendrick – What Are The Odds? (Original Mix)
Stanz Amor – Hold The Press (Original Mix)
Osccurate – Consume Me (Original Mix)
Agressør – Demon Horns (Original Mix)
Romensdawn – State Of Decay (Original Mix)
Hands Of The Company – tthi (Original Mix)
Luap – Straight Edge (Original Mix)
NATS – Distance (Original Mix)
Vaya – There Will Be A Light (Original Mix)
Traum – Reflections (Original Mix)
NZ – Source Of Pads (Original Mix)