Various Performers – Beatport Best New Tracks June 2021 Part 2 (06-06-2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Beatport Best New Tracks June 2021 Part 2
Genre: All
Release Date: 06-June-2021
Audio Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Tracks: 232 Size: 3.5 GB

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


Kimshies – Kill My Summer (Damon Jee Remix)
Kino Todo – A Grande Idea feat. Abrao
Kino Todo – Space Sum feat. Soli
Kino Todo – Space Sum feat. Soli (DJ Tennis Remix)
Kora (CA) – Nuit d’Afrique
Krystal Klear – Neutron Dance
LASTONE – Enigma
LIVSEY – Breakthrough
Lee Jones – Clementine
Lee Wilson, Mijangos – Groove Like Louie Vega (Mijangos Afro Latin Mix) (Check It Out Records)
Lee Wilson, Reelsoul – Groove Like Louie Vega (Reelsoul’s Thank You Louie Vocal Mix) (Check It Out Records)
Leo Sagrado – AVIV
Leo Sagrado – Dance in Silence
Loew – 2 Doves 1 Snowball (In Spirit Remix)
Loew – 2 Doves 1 Snowball (Stripped Acid Remix)
Luca Donzelli – Rebelz Of 2021 (Original Mix)
Lunar Disco – Make It Beautiful
M.A.N.D.Y. – O Superman (SIS Remix)
M.O.S. – Ardeo
M4A4 – Avera
MATT, R – Freaky
MPH – Control
Maceo Plex – Cinemax (Edit)
Madraas – Moonlit Blossom
Maga – Trust Me Sometime (Kadosh Remix)
Maicol MP – Roots
Main Phase – Informer
Majestic Noise – Undercover (Mutantbreakz Remix)
Makanan – Ride the Storm (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix)
Mancini – A1. A Merman (Vinyl)
Marcelo Demarco – Dark Matter (Original Mix)
Marco Tegui – Chaising The Sun
Mariano Mellino – Toro (Original Mix)
Marie Davidson – Work It (Soulwax Remix)
Mark Dekoda – The Raven
Mark Reeve – Message (Original Mix)
Markus Homm – Once Again (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
Masi Kohestani – Banger (Dub Mix)
Masi Kohestani – Banger (Munich Mix)
Massio – Suspended Emotions (Erdi Irmak Remix)
Matan Caspi, D-Formation – When It All Shuts Down
Matt Egbert – Swing 63
Matt Fax – Torn (ASOT 1006)
Matt Sassari – House Before It Was Techno (Original Mix)
Matthew – Exelent
Mica (UK) – The Other Trigger
Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Perel Remix)
Milkwish – Dream Child
Minista, Oppidan, Sam Deeley, Sensa, Zefer – Real Soon
Minnado – Thunder
Mira (Berlin), Christopher Schwarzwalder – Deía
Miret – Sabio Espejo
Miss L.A. – Mad Ting
MissFly, Deep Soul Syndicate – Thank You (Original Mix) (Sounds Of Ali)
Mitch Oliver – Power of Now
Modd – Laveel
Mode Apart – Voyage
Moloko – Sing It Back (Mousse T.’s Feel Love Mix)
Momo Khani – Callisto
Monkey Safari – Bob (Dole & Kom Remix)
Monkey Safari – Mantra
Mosko (IL) – Nadlan (Made in TLV Version)
Mouma – Harmattan
Mr.Tune, D-Lo – Don’t Give Up (feat. D-Lo Original Mix) (Bubble ‘N’ Twist Records)
Mt Axel – Coba (Sahalé Remix)
Mufti – Saevae Infecere
Musumeci – Keep It Stronger
Musumeci, Lehar & Jably – Asafir (2AM)
NANCY Live – Scapegoat
Nairobi D – Fields
Namy feat. Monday Michiru – There She Stands (Unreleased Manoo Vocal Dub) (Nite Grooves)
Nebula (AR) – Macumba
Nhii – Complex Bias
Nicola Nisi – My Love (Original Mix) (Cultural District Recordings)
Niv Ast – Chutney Mayhem (Chaim & Mita Gami Remix)
Nomads – Clouds (Alvaro Suarez feat. Lauge Remix)
Nour (Palestina) – Fauda (DJ T. Remix)
OLGA SHY – Golden Gate (Original Mix)
Oliver Deutschmann – Energy
PAAX (Tulum) – Amanares
PARALLELLS – Blooming Flower (Whitesquare Remix)
Pablo Martinez, Luka, Rubygold – Love is freedom (Pablo Martinez Remix) (FOMP)
Pachanga Boys – Time
Palmiz – Lost My Mind
Palmiz – Spendula
Paravorik – Too Late (Original Mix)
Patrick Kane – 4 shots
Paul & Shark – Roxanna_Break_Stuff (Stones Taro Remix)
Peggy Gou – Starry Night (Edit)
Peppe Santangelo – Back on Track (feat. Venessa Jackson) (Studio S Records)
Peve – Wonderful Darkness
Phonique – Mirage
Pin Up Club – Sanguine (Fort Romeau’s Translucent Mix)
Pinder – Old Spice
Pretty Pink – Echo (Record Of The Week) (ABGT427)
Prozak – Sunshine
Prunk & Project89 – Telling You The Truth (Original Mix)
Q.U.A.K.E. – Ignition (Extended Mix)
QT-HIGH – Inner Center (Ryan Murgatroyd Remix)
RSRRCT – Don’t Stop the Overdrive (Original Mix)
RSRRCT – Sheltered by the Shore (Original Mix)
Radical Fantasy – Eunoia
Rafael Cerato – Evaporate (Original Mix)
Rampa – 2000
Rasmir Mantree Feat…Kim Beacham, Rasmir Mantree – There Was A Time (Time B4 Time Mix) (Mantree)
Rawbar – Karoline
Raxon – Vice
Ray Mono – Atlas (Original Mix)
Rebuke – Wasp
Reese – Let You Down
Rendher – Flavor (Original Mix)
Ricardo H – Levels (Original Mix)
Rich NxT, Shyam P – Other Side (Guti Remix)
Richy Ahmed, Jamie Jones – More Energy (Original Mix)
Rizzer – Kennedy
Roberto Pagliaccia, MizBee – Out of Tune (Prok & Fitch Extended Remix)
Rodg – Escape
Roland Clark – I Can’t Breathe (Original Mix) (unquantize)
Roman Flugel – Cluttered Homes
Ron Carroll – Want To Get Away (Original Mix) (Chicago Soul Exchange)
Róisín Murphy – Something More (Soulwax Remix)
Rudolf C – Shake & Hold
S.E.T. – Holograms
SHAZZE – Into the Depths (Original Mix)
SHDDR – Persistency (Original Mix)
SNYL – In My Head (Marc DePulse & Rafael Cerato Remix)
SY (DE) – Higher
Sam Haskin – Reflective Surfaces
Sama – Distorted Identity (Original Mix)
Sandhog – Cabassa
Sandhog – Night Flight
Sanoi – Aroha
Sascha Braemer – Analog Garden (AFFKT remix)
Satori – Ikyadarh
Saultloom – Elision
Sebastian Sellares – Dunes at Dawn
Secret Agent Gel – Change My Ting
Secret Agent Gel, Redders – Change My Ting
Seleck – Heartbeat (Instrumental)
Shifter – All I Want
Sian – We Could Be (Original Mix)
Silvia Zaragoza & Francois A. – Idinma (feat. Morris Revy) (King Street Sounds)
Simina Grigoriu – Slacker
Sixty Feet Deep – Element
Sly Turner, Wyatt Marshall – Patch & Tweak
Smasher – Keep It Locked (Smasher Remix)
Smasher – Round & Round (Highrise Remix)
Soble – El Camino
Soko & Sev – Perception of Reality (Radio Edit)
Soko & Sev – Titan (Original Mix)
Soulbridge, Nengah Krisnarini, Salento Soul – In The Moment (Salento Soul Classic Mix) (HSR Records)
Spada – Happy If You Are (Record Of The Week) (ABGT431)
Spartaque – Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Spartaque – Work It (Original Mix)
Sporting Club – Broko
Stan Kolev – Satchitananda (Original Mix)
Stefan Obermaier – Choral
Stelios Vassiloudis – Gone to Heaven (Jamie Stevens & Anthony Pappa Celebrate the Life of Phil K Mix)
Stil & Bense – Duality
Stil & Bense – Duality (Carsten Halm Remix)
Stiven Escarraga – A1 (Original Mix)
Storken – Lille Vals (Patrick Topping Remix)
Suga7 – Tell You
Sunta – Offender
Suze – Truly (Subandrio Reset Remix)
Tali Muss – Tulum (Almost Home Remix)
TamAda – Atana
Tebra – Break Free
Teenage Mutants – Fortune
Teklix – The Tribal Code
Tengu – Paparazzi
Tescu – Miss U
The Last Days of Pompeii – Make Me Believe (Yann Polewka Remix) (Fresh Take Records)
The Mekanism, Sad Money – Julio’s Mayhem
The Organism – Radha
The Organism – Radha (Whitesquare Remix)
Theo Poles – Give It To Me (Original Mix)
Theus Mago – Emergency Loop
Theus Mago – Shalom (Sascha Funke Remix)
Theus Mago – Shame
Theus Mago – To Vathos
Thomas Schumacher – You Belong Here (Thomas Schumacher & Caitlin Rumpus Remix)
Tiga – Colours so Bright
Tim Green – Sea Parade (Original Mix)
Tom Wax – Sounds of Revelation
True2life, Nevada Cato, Genetic Funk – Pray For Me Remixed (Genetic Funk Vocal Mix) (Grounded Records)
Tuba Twooz – Singing with Africa (Raw Main Remix)
Tuff Culture – Just One
Tunnelvisions – Acid Neverland
Tunnelvisions – Waiting for the Morning
Ucros – Nebula
Ultra Nate – Free (Live Your Life (Retrotech’s World Pride Vocal Anthem Mix)) (BluFire Peace Bisquit)
Unknown Collective – 00
Urmet K – Mantra Chants
Valer den Bit – Camellia
Vet3ranz – Let It Go (Curry Mutton Mix)
Viggo Dyst – Everything Else Is Secondary (Baltra Remix)
Vital Techniques – Don’t Want You Anymore
Waltervelt – Magman Pt2
Warwick – On the Riddim
Wasp – Laid Bare
Wheats, Medusa – Humanic feat. Medusa
Whitesquare – Carte Blanche
Whitesquare – Lux Interior
Whomadewho – Immersion
Whomadewho – Shadow Of Doubt
Wil Milton – Hands Up (BLISS NYC Deep Mix) (Path Life Music)
Wilfy D – 2 Good 2 Be True (LD Mix)
Wilfy D – Midnight Shift (DJ Crisps Remix)
Wilfy D – My Life
Wilfy D, DJ Crisps – Midnight Shift (DJ Crisps Remix)
Wittyboy – Chances
Woody (UK) – Body
X5 Dubs – Light It Up
Y U QT – Be Real
Y do I – Mystica (Original Mix)
Yago Ertan – Zaman
Yogi P – Tender Love (Canty Remix)
YokoO & Retza – Pachamama
Yosh – Just Like That
Yosh – Just Like That 
Yosh – Warp Speed
Yozhi – Nosebone
Yves Eaux – Galaxies (East Cafe Remix)
Zankee Gulati – Who Are You (Gmj & Matter Remix)
Zero, Jess Spink – Behind the Scenes
Ziger – Supervision (Tenerfuse Remix)
damon jee – Antiheroe (Rebolledo´s Cuco Heroe For Ever Version)
damon jee – Chamaniac
damon jee – Hangar 77
damon jee – Secret Garden
damon jee – Secret Garden (no_ip Remix)
damon jee – Suicidal World (Agents Of Time Remix)
disrupt – Feel