Various Performers – Beatport And Traxsource Dj Charts (08-June-2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Beatport And Traxsource Dj Charts
Genre: All
Release Date: 08-June-2021
Audio Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Tracks: 339 Size: 4.7 GB

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


22 weeks robiin – take my hand
a strange wedding – gimme da space vox
above and beyond armin van buuren – show me love (sander van doorn extended remix)
adam dixon – tension
adam dixon – tomorrow
adam pits – kino der toten
ado woodz ale molinari – lose stress (extended mix)
adrianou – nirvana
ahl iver – say goodbye
alan sharkey – the hidden path (extended mix)
alberto melloni – vierchos wood (original mix)
alex bigi italo perez – in the sun
alex kenji – indigo (original mix)
alexander technique dantiez – what they dont like (extended mix)
alexic rod – ah ah ahhh
alpha portal burn in noise – omnia (original mix)
andme and rampa and adam port feat sofie feat. sofie – discoteca
andruss juarez – pump up the volume (extended mix)
andy kulter – bruma nera (extended)
andy kulter – madame tussauds
andy kulter – moon safari
andy kulter – you say (edit)
andy kulter ksufus – fly with me (feat. ksufus) (extended mix)
animato pettra – mind storm (original mix)
arabian panther – colonisation
arena noone – lagrimas negras
asco monika santucci – let you go (festival extended mix)
astrix – sapana (avalon remix)
astrix – underbeat (outside the universe and imagine mars remix)
aura vortex – better days
austins groove – come back
axmo – paralyzed (extended mix)
bebel gilberto – deixa (joyce muniz remix)
ben walsh (uk) – mercy
bes – scandalous
betical – exil
biscits – me and u (extended mix)
bixx – empowerment (extended mix)
blackchild (ita) – groove dealer
blair – make this last (extended mix)
bliss volcano on mars – trippy blinders
bob moses – the blame (dj seinfeld remix)
bobby. – free your mind
bonobo totally enormous extinct dinosaurs – heartbreak
brent rix – light source (extended mix)
brent rix – vertical shift (extended mix)
brokenears – cmon (extended mix)
burn in noise – a new dawn
burn in noise desert dwellers – the sentient fungi
call me yogo – switch
catz n dogz and gerd janson – modern romance (club mix)
chez and ron – warfare (chez damier 1039 underground mix)
chris lake riva starr lau.ra – beat freak (extended mix)
chris veron – drift line (original mix)
claptone – zero (skream remix – extended)
claptone two another – golden (original mix)
classmatic gabe – patchwork
coast 2 coast – home feat. discovery (maarten de jong extended remix)
cold blue – painting skies (sunny lax extended remix)
corrie theron – higher (extended mix)
cosmos vibration – quantum brain
craig connelly – dont panic (extended mix)
credit 00 – new tech swing
curses cici – gina lollobrigida
d-tek – in the front
d. tiffany – something about you
da sunlounge and inland knights – right all night
dance system – strings 4 love
daniel wanrooy – radiophonic (club mix)
danilo secli paolo m. – spire
danny rhys matt weeks (uk) mr. v – damn good (extended mix)
dario dattis markus homm – lets try (extended mix)
dateless – ego rap
dave ruthwell wizzard – lights go down (original mix)
dave spoon – steels (extended mix)
davide mazzilli – just know (original mix)
dc salas – liquid perception
deetron – t- symmetry
del-30 dj rae – feel me (extended mix)
deltech – poseidon
demi riquisimo – dictionary of fools
deniz bul – vibin (extended mix)
dennis cruz iuliano mambo – dogs in da house (extended mix)
desert dwellers paul stamets – one giant consciousness (nanosphere remix)
devstar – my man
dipzy luke andy – show you
dissolut – diy (extended mix)
dj haus subb-an – rhythm division (subb-an remix)
dj kone and marc palacios – asunwana (extended mix)
dj mark brickman mr. v – classic (yam who remix)
dubdogz bhaskar calmani and grey seb mont – 100 degrees (with seb mont)
dubspeeka sasha – khepri (sasha rework)
eddie bitar shanti people – narayana (hyperflow remix)
effy – fluffy clouds
electric universe – millenia (faders and spectra sonics remix)
elevven ruben de ronde – lucky penny (xijaro and pitch extended remix)
elliot fitch – the one (extended mix)
enablerz capcom – frivolous
endrik schroeder – second breath
eugenio tokarev shedona susie ledge – on my way to you (extended mix)
everlight emma chatt – obelisk (extended mix)
ezequiel arias – solar (extended mix)
faders – flying objects (ikon remix)
federico scavo – flashmap (original club mix)
federico scavo – watchin out (extended mix)
federico scavo simone – pra nao dizer que nao falei das flores (2 sides of soul remix)
fjaak – pull it up (steffi mix)
francesco ferraro jame starck – cut them loose
frank waanders hoenir v – salvation (extended mix)
funky gong – mind mirror (original mix)
future self – 10000 leagues
gary mcphail – above the clouds (extended mix)
gettoblaster missy – h o u s e
giusy consoli – deep inside (original mix)
gms dickster legohead – dala
golan zocher choopie – sayonara (analog jungs remix)
goodboys imanbek – goodbye (james hype extended mix)
gorje hewek – forest song in the morning
gotsome alex mills – shout it back (extended mix)
grum – u (original mix)
gutt – glow
hammer – ultra
harry color – under the tree
harry romero jessica eve – it hurts
hc kurtz – bauta
header – renaissance (extended mix)
heliotype – majika (original mix)
henry carlin – still remain (extended mix)
hoffman – interstellar
hott like detroit – picnic in space
hugo (uk) – set it off (original mix)
ikon – higher dimension
inland knights and da sunlounge – another thing
intelligence – the bouncer
interactive noise – exile
interium – second life
intrallazzi e fratty – aquamarina (in.fra. vokal riccione mix)
introspective – first ride
inversed – lost earth (extended mix)
j. worra – all good
jacy – dance to the house
jansons dope earth alien – medicine (extended mix)
jason xmoon – going
jay flynn and gary bolton – symbiotic (extended mix)
jesse james – baby boo (sam divine and casey spillman remix)
jesselyn – omnia (tech-trance mix)
jody 6 – rock your world (extended mix)
joel corry raye david guetta – bed (extended mix)
johan s hp vince – touch me
john roberts – freaks (harry romero remix)
john summit – make me feel
jora – myself with you
josh butler bontan – set your soul on fire
jovonn – random (extended mix)
joy marquez – magdalena (original mix)
julian jordan guy arthur – let me be the one (extended mix)
junior jack glory jocelyn brown – hold me up (feat. jocelyn brown) (ferreck dawn extended remix)
juonne jaime deraz – lost you (original club mix)
kalki lunarave – another state of matter
kendal david carretta – pastaga
kenny brian – chuleria (tech house mix)
kenny palmer – over to you (extended mix)
kill your heroes dave giles ii – locked in (darius syrossian remix)
kinetica – nothing to hide (extended mix)
klynk – villa peru
koko quelle rox – chantal feat. quelle rox
kormak jinadu – look to me (extended mix)
kryder mark roma – pleasure or pain (extended mix)
laroye – keep on
laroz – miombo (sam shure cowbell dub)
leandro da silva – freedom (extended mix)
lee foss ferreck dawn alex mills – the void
leon benesty – feeling love (extended mix)
lester fitzpatrick – b-track (original mix)
lexio – we got love
lifeforms – agitation
lis sarroca – hi montana
low steppa lady alma – make you move (original mix)
luca and paul – luce (feat. spada)
luca guerrieri – melodie (radio-edit)
lucajlove – like this (amorhouse remix)
lucas and steve blackstreet – no diggity (extended mix)
luis rodriguez nausica – feeling
luuk van dijk – got sum
m. rodriguez – sonda askvyp
m. rodriguez – unity
m. rodriguez karol melinger – my life
m.o.s. diiptrip leonid sivelkin – when she leaves (extended mix)
mad maxx avalon – heaven eleven
madis – desert of lost souls (alex m.o.r.p.h. extended remix)
madwave – dreaming of a better world (extended mix)
magik (uk) virtual light yestermorrow – inception
mahkina – corporal
makida – body and mind (bellatrix remix)
man with no name – neuro tunnel (uni and tsuyoshi suzuki remix)
manuel le saux db mokk – zero
marc mccabe kevin mckay – afters 96 (extended mix)
mariiin – elif
markhese – dreamin (club mix)
markus schulz haliene – tidal wave (will atkinson extended remix)
martin ikin biscits anelisa lamola – ready 2 dance feat. anelisa lamola (extended mix)
maskio – human jungle (santos re-edit)
massimo logli – deneb algedi (extended mix)
matt correa – jump
matt nash mojjo lucas ariel – kryptonite (extended mix)
md x-spress – god made me phunky (10 years of eats everything extended remix)
mele – groove la afrika (extended mix)
meri – stop talking (luca guerrieri remix)
michel westerhoff – childhood memories (extended mix)
mihalis safras – love away (joeski remix)
mike dunn – strut cho phunky stuff (sho nuff) (mike dunn extended black glitter mixx)
mike williams – get dirty (extended mix)
mikey lion sacha robotti – do or die (extended mix)
mikey north – the sound
mikx and khaki – heavy (sam t harper remix)
milk and sugar ron carroll – house dimension (brokenears extended remix)
mindchatter – language (walker and royce remix) (walker and royce remix)
miroslav vrlik dave steward – the pressure (extended mix)
misja helsloot – jumping rope (extended mix)
modus – scrambled sequence
morganj andrea damante – party till we die (extended mix)
moritz piske – real one (roberto rodriguez stamping the ground mix)
mr. pit fisherman and hawkins – doppelbanger (daxson extended remix)
mr. sosa – coco drum (original mix)
mrd – matter of time
ng rezonance phd – acid drop
nicky elisabeth – say
nightfunk – wonderland (original mix)
noface purple shapes – everlasting orb
nord horizon – new era (extended mix)
omar sherif – a brighter future (extended mix)
oneil titov – no stress (rudeejay remix)
orjan nilsen – hold me (extended mix)
orjan nilsen – volt (extended mix)
oscar l d-formation – miracle (original mix)
out of orbit art of trance – imagine (original mix)
out of orbit sandman – the new world (original mix)
pablo bozzi – riding through kyoto
pablo bozzi – storm in dallas
paipy – relax (extended)
paperclip people – the climax (pcp version)
paulwetz – people (kasper bjorke rework)
phaxe querox – freetown
phil weeks – the grind
piero scratch – firewall (extended mix)
piero scratch – people connection (original mix)
polaris (fr) – new moon
pragmatix – cosmic puppets
pragmatix – supernatural
pragmatix morsei – vibratory source
praise cats andrea love – shined on me (les bisous extended remix)
promise land – revenge (extended mix)
promise land mixmash deep sandy chambers – someone else
purple haze faderx – the kings court
quattrovalvole – via tokyo
r-tec – bloodmoon (extended mix)
r.e.l.o.a.d – acid for dummies (original mix)
redondo voost shells – love like you (extended mix)
renaud genton – premiumline
rene ablaze sarah de warren – the one (extended mix)
rich nxt shyam p – other side (rossi. remix)
richy ahmed jamie jones – i need it (original mix)
rick guyez – find a way (extended mix)
riva starr – ride this sound feat. imaginary cities (biscits extended remix)
riva starr gavin holligan – if i could only be sure (danny krivit edit)
riva starr imaginary cities – ride this sound (extended mix)
roger dasilva – 4 da rhythm
roger shah rene ablaze – twisted world (extended mix)
roma zuckerman – frequency hole 4
ross evans – losing consciousness (original mix)
ryan gould – king
sam t harper – all rise (original mix)
sam t harper – say it
sander van doorn – what you want (extended mix)
sandy rivera – substance (sandy riveras mix)
sean tyas darren porter – the potion (metta and glyde extended remix)
sebastian kramer – tactics
serum spyda – all ganja man (t i remix)
seth troxler the martinez brothers – play in the dark (troxlers freak mix)
shadow chronicles –
shanti celeste – make time
shiba san – do your thang
shiba san – lets go dancing
shivatree – the rhythm
shmuel flash choopie – chilling moments (gmj and matter remix)
shouse – love tonight (vintage culture and kiko franco remix)
side effects transpose – chemistry
simon patterson volcano on mars – our planet
sllash and doppe – steroids
somna noire lee – beside you (sean tyas extended magikal mix)
sonickraft blvckr – rebel
sonicwork – spark (extended mix)
sosa uk – da house
spada – euphoria (extended mix)
spada – fantasya 3000 (extended mix)
spada – mantra (extended mix)
spada – part of me (extended mix)
spada – want you back (extended mix)
sr. funkie robiin – dance with me
stacie fields – the gift (extended mix)
storm queen – for a fool (claptone extended remix)
strange planets – noir (original mix)
subb-an – airtight
subb-an thoma bulwer – tennis
suduaya terra nine – holy mountain (suduaya mix)
tamburi neri hiroko – this is the end
tau-rine th3 one – twister (original mix)
technasia – bring it back (extended mix)
terra – inka
the vision dames brown – down (feat. dames brown) (riva starr vip club remix)
third party gvn errol reid – we found love (extended mix)
tiger rose – girl incredible (gabriel ananda and tiger rose remix)
tim engelhardt – connected in silence
tim engelhardt – polygon particles
tim engelhardt – prophecy
tim engelhardt – transmission 27 (shaded remix)
tim engelhardt hannah noelle – ionized feat. hannah noelle
timid boy – ceremony (matt sassari remix)
tita lau – the sequel (extended mix)
tom staar and ferry corsten ft. darla jade – glow (extended mix)
tonks – out of my mind (extended mix)
tornado wallace – open door (born inna tent mix)
trance wax – manaya (extended mix)
trinitro – winter sun (extended)
tunnelvisions – acid neverland
twelve sessions biological (br) – imagination (original mix)
uch – genius of house (sam divine remix)
ultra nate roland clark – the first time free (claptone remix)
v111 – light fifty
vanel demik – good vibrations (johan s remix)
vegas (brazil) dang3r – existence
volcano – genetic algorithm (pragmatix remix)
volcano – hallucinations
volcano – rollercoaster
volcano on mars jimbo chicago sitarsonic – goa on my mind pt. 2
will rees rhys elliott – infinite (extended mix)
woody van eyden quantor – rocker (extended mix)
xijaro and pitch corrado baggieri – ode to the fallen (extended mix)
yotto stephan jolk – new era