Various Performers – Hot New Releases 24 May (24-05-2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Hot New Releases 24 May
Genre: All
Release Date: 24-May-2021
Audio Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Tracks: 157
Size: 2.4 GB

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


A1bert – Happy Beat (Club Mix)
A1bert – Happy Beat
A1bert – Omnia (Club Mix)
A1bert – Omnia
Aaren San, anni YU – Caught Up (Deep Mix)
Aaren San, anni YU – Caught Up
Adala – Welcome on Board
Alex Sosa – Montenegro
Alex Sosa – Trofeo De Canas
Alex Sosa – When You Touch Me
Alexskyspirit – 04AM Trapped – Original Mix
Alexskyspirit – 09PM Scared – Original Mix
Alexskyspirit – Feels Like Before – Original Mix
Alexskyspirit – Fiction Poem – Original Mix
Alexskyspirit – Mystagogia – Original Mix
Andy Lansky – Etude
Andy Lansky – Snowblind (OIBAF&WALLEN Remix)
Andy Lansky – Snowblind
Athlete Whippet – Fanfa
Bestami Turna – Cold Zone
Blanka Mazimela – Phezulu Reloaded (Nizhe DeSoul’s Technostructed Dub)
Blanka Mazimela – Phezulu Reloaded feat. Khonaye
Blanka Mazimela – Triumphant feat. Shivers BW
Blanka Mazimela – Votile
Conor Harris, Pavzo – Only You
Conor Harris, Pavzo – Sultry
Conor Harris, Pavzo – Vibe
Daniel Steinberg – Facelift
Dole & Kom – Glimmer Room
Dole & Kom – Sine Noise
Dole & Kom – Something Quiet
Dylan Deck – Tutenkhamun (Agustin Ficarra Remix)
Dylan Deck – Tutenkhamun (Hobin Rude Remix)
Dylan Deck – Tutenkhamun
Ejeca – Faith
Ejeca – Free From (Cinthie Remix)
Ejeca – Free From
Ejeca – Looksee
Ejeca – Stoke It
Ejeca – The Basics
Enertia-sound – Manitou (Tomic Remix)
Enertia-sound – Manitou
Epi Centrum – Decameron
Epi Centrum – Divine Intervention
Epi Centrum – Exponential Density
Epi Centrum – Re-Enactment
Federico Scavo – Watchin’ Out (The Deepshakerz Extended Mix)
Giulio Cadri – Power (Extended Mix)
Giulio Cadri – Ride (Extended Mix)
Giulio Cadri – The Party (Extended Mix)
Hernan Cerbello – Time Frames
Hippush, Ilya – Spring (Extended Mix)
Hippush, Ilya – Yalta (Extended Mix)
Ignacio M. – Emotions (Original Mix)
Ignacio M. – Love Machine (Original Mix)
Ignacio M. – Moon Flower (Original Mix)
James Harcourt – Fireglow
James Harcourt – Lilith
James Harcourt – Puressence
James Saboia – Boranda (Ednner Soares Remix)
James Saboia – Boranda (Mezomo Remix)
James Saboia – Boranda
Jerome Sydenham, Fatima Njai feat. Mario Punchard – Trans Afro Express (Instrumental)
Jerome Sydenham, Fatima Njai feat. Mario Punchard – Trans Afro Express (Vocal Dub Mix)
Lautaro Scavuzzo – Parody (Deep Mariano Remix)
Lautaro Scavuzzo – Parody
Lautaro Scavuzzo – Remedio
Lautaro Scavuzzo – Tiempo
Lebedev (RU) – Dancing Under The Moon
Lebedev (RU) – Deep Magic
Lebedev (RU) – Random Event
Lee Ann Roberts – Polyphase
Lee Ann Roberts – Space Yourself
Lempo, Roland Clark – Dance Again
Local Dialect – Tyche (Extended Mix)
Loveclub, Mariner + Domingo – Lose Control (Dub Mix)
Loveclub, Mariner + Domingo – Lose Control (feat. Priest Music Productions)
Loveclub, Mariner + Domingo – Lose Control (feat. Priest Music Productions) (Jayden Klight Remix)
Loveclub, Mariner + Domingo – Lose Control (feat. Priest Music Productions) (amhain Remix)
Madota – Pomzi
Makanan – Mabiland
Makanan, Cuevas (ES) – Dirty Jazz
Makanan, Cuevas (ES) – Sexanan
Mat.Theo, Alfrenk – Is It Something
Mat.Theo, Alfrenk – With You
Norman Doray – Changes – French Mix
Norman Doray – Get Away
Novakk – Digital Anxiety
Novakk – Feel
Novakk – Prosopagnosia
Novakk – We are the future (Armonica remix)
Novakk – We are the future
Retromigation – Back Up
Retromigation – Meinst Du
Retromigation – Metro Blonde
Retromigation – Osupa
Retromigation – Pleasure, Achim
Samuele Scelfo, Rulers – Poynting (Extended Mix)
Samuele Scelfo, Rulers – RawFunk (Extended Mix)
Samuele Scelfo, Rulers – X-Ray (Extended Mix)
Sinan Celik – Dance of the Dark – Original Mix
Sinan Celik – Timeless – Original Mix
The Checkup – I’ll Let You In (Wyatt Marshall Remix)
The Checkup – I’ll Let You In
Tomy Wahl, Darksidevinyl – Plastic Face (Amir Telem Remix)
Tomy Wahl, Darksidevinyl – Plastic Face (Sarcasmo Remix)
Tomy Wahl, Darksidevinyl – Plastic Face
Tomy Wahl, Darksidevinyl – Solsticio (SINAN Remix)
Tomy Wahl, Darksidevinyl – Solsticio
Bernardo Mota – Going, Coming
Cano Guru – Late Nights No Sleep (feat. Magupi)
David Armada – Lost Garden
Madd Rod & Inner Shah – Exotica (Continuous Mix)
Madd Rod & MaguPi – Memoria (Dope (PT) & Cano Guru Remix)
Madd Rod – Aetherium
Madd Rod – Calling the Sun (Sylva Drums Remix)
MaguPi – Ankadi (feat. Braima Galissa)
MaguPi – Quando Eu Te Encontrar (feat. Juju Awa)
Ten Years Sober & Garcia – Character
Arteforma & Barba – Celeste
Davka – La Ultima Cena
Francisco Ugarte – The Last Sunset
Ilya Gerus – Growing Enjoyment
Jay Aliyev – Time Is Passing
Leomar – Love in the Deep
N’Pot – Shizouka
Nursultan Kun – Zuharab
Pedro Sanmartin – The Wind Whisperer
Zoi (CA) & about river – Orbits
Val Verra – Future Past (Extended Mix)
Venditti Bros, Marco Tisano – All Night
Venditti Bros, Marco Tisano – Soul
Visionary State – Dreams of Change
Visionary State – Empty Spaces
Visionary State – Focus
Visionary State – Horizon
Visionary State – Quantum
Visionary State – Transcend
Bad Intentions, Flagler – Hooked (Bad Intentions Summer Extended Remix)
Bad Intentions, Flagler – Hooked (Radio Edit)
Dissolut – Keep It Moving (Radio Edit)
Dissolut – Speaker Test (Radio Edit)
JOMAQ, Pizzolo – Make Me Feel (Extended Mix)
Jacq (UK) – No Matter What They Say (Extended Mix)
Lucas Nord, Oliver Nelson, Moodshift, flyckt – Heartless (Wh0 Extended Remix)
Marshall Jefferson, El Boogie, Wh0 – Family feat. El Boogie (Extended Mix)
Oliver Heldens – Never Look Back (Wh0 Extended Remix)
Ten City – Feel It Too (Extended Mix)
White Cliffs – Just Like You (Joris Voorn Extended Mix)
Wigbert – Automatic Loop (MATRiXXMAN Labyrinth Remix)
Wigbert – Focus (Jeroen Search Remix)
Wigbert – Reflection (Anthony Linell’s S.A.C. Remix)
Wigbert – Reflection (Moerbeck Remix)
Wigbert – Xcelerator (Pan-Pot Remix)
milk tea with boba – Take You Home