VA – Junodownload Hot Dj Charts Awards April 2021 (06-04-2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Junodownload Hot Dj Charts Awards April 2021
Genre: All
Release Date: 06-04-2021
Audio Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Tracks: 200 Size: 2.9 GB

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


Aaryon & MOii – All I See (Mikael Johnson Remix)
Abel Flores – Barbos (Ginelio’s Afraid of the Dark Remix)
Aitor Pastor – Some Like This (Original Mix)
Alec T. Adams – Wildlife
Alex Kennon – Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix)
Aly & Fila, JES – I Won’t Let You Fall (Space Motion Remix)
Andrey Exx, D’Vision – Dream to This (Original Mix)
Antai & Alter (UA) – Machinarium (Original Mix)
Ant Schillaci – You Know (Romy Black Remix)
Arash Shadram, Eleonora – Feel You (Extended Version)
Arash Shadram, Erly Tepshi – The Unfolding (Erly Tepshi Remix)
Atribut – Never Gonna Be the Same (Original Mix)
Basstrologe – Somebody To Love (Extended Mix)
Betical – New Age (Original Mix)
Bigstate – Driving (Original Club Mix)
Binaryh – Black Widow (Original Mix)
Block & Crown – Destination Party Zone (Clubmix)
Boris Brejcha feat. Ginger – Spicy (Original Mix)
Budakid, Jamie Stevens – Story of Tokay (Original Mix)
Budakid – Silent Summer (Original Mix)
Cazztek – Feet So Hot (Extended Mix)
CEA, Bfly Steiner – Viral Penetration
Celsiirs – Planet Nine (Original Mix)
Christian Cheval – Funky F (Original Mix)
CID feat. Lizzy Land – Can’t Stop Missing You (Extended Mix)
Citizen Kain – Charly Charly
Claptone – Zero (Gene Farris Extended Remix)
Clawz SG – Klothis (Original Mix)
Daniel L (IT) – Funky Movement (Extended Mix)
Darlyn Vlys – Uroboros
Dee Montero – Perpetua (Blaktone Remix)
Delerium – Silence (Antrim Edit)
Deniz Kabu – Not The Same (Extended Mix)
Deniz Kabu – Strange Love (Extended Mix)
Deniz Kabu – We Miss Donny (Original Mix)
Dennis Beutler – Tonight (Original Mix)
Dezza & Lauren L’aimant – Ghost (Original Mix)
Diana Miro, AVIRA – The Worship (Patrice Baumel Extended Remix)
Discontrol feat. Dmasso – Just Make It (Original Mix)
Discontrol – Genelec (Original Mix)
DJ S.K.T x Example – Love Don’t Fade (Magestic Extended Remix)
Dodger – Pump the Jam (Original Mix)
Dombresky, Camden Cox – Do You Remember (Extended Mix)
Dom Dolla – Pump the Brakes (Extended Mix)
DONT BLINK – REVOLUTION 909 (Original Mix)
Drumstone – Lost River (Extended Mix)
Ekoboy – Can’t Feel A Thing (Original Mix)
Eugene Jay – Gipsy Techno (Original Mix)
Ewan Rill – Explorer (The Khitrov Remix)
F4t4l3rr0r – Global (Levitone Remix)
Fabio Pierucci feat. Eleonore – Love Motivation (Extended Mix)
Feri – Eclipse (Original Mix)
FFlora & SUBB – Look At The Sky (Extended Club Mix)
Fhaken – Tornasol (Extended Mix)
Fireblast & Djiva – Music of the Night (Extended Mix)
Flashmob – Closer (Extended Mix)
Fourword – Snake Charmer (Extended Mix)
Frankllin – Something Else (Original Mix)
Frankllin – The Voyager (Original Mix)
Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona – Shake It Now (Extended Mix)
Grigore – At The Edge Of The World (Extended Mix)
Grigore – Island Sakhalin (Original Mix)
Grigore – Marine (Extended Mix)
Groove Delight – Never (Extended Mix)
Guy Mantzur, Khen – My Golden Cage (Kasper Koman 4AM Remix)
Henri (BR) – Gravity (Extended Mix)
Henri (BR) – Horizon (Extended Mix)
Henri (BR) – Walking on the Moon (Extended Mix)
HoneyLuv – F R E E (Extended Mix)
Hot Noizes, Historus – Texas (Original Mix)
HowTru – How I House (Extended Mix)
Imal SL – Dhrama (Original Mix)
Imanbek x Goodboys – Goodbye (James Hype Extended Remix)
Insidia – Too Far (Extended Mix)
Jaydee – Constellation (Matan Caspi Remix)
Jessy Nimni – City of Worries feat. Barak Suban (Original Mix)
John Lead – Equinox (Original Mix)
John Summit – Make Me Feel (Extended Club Mix)
Juany Bravo – Loco (Mirko Di Florio Remix)
Kamadev – War Is Won feat. Aves Volare (Original Mix)
Kevin McKay, DJ Mark Brickman – Comin’ Home Baby (Extended Mix)
KMRN – Wicked Water (Original Mix)
Koala T – I Can Take You Down (Original Mix)
Kuestenklatsch – Ampless (Original Mix)
Lampe – Wake Up (Original Mix)
Latour, Whitney Veitch – Rosegold Sheets (Betoko Extended Remix)
LeBoops – Pop It (Original Mix)
Lena Chamamyan – Sareri Hovin Mernem (Faraz M Edit)
Levi David – Colours In The Sky (Soul Button Remix)
Lodos – Sedna (Extended Mix)
Lowes, Franky Wah – Not In Love (Extended)
Luan Trombin & Branco – Shake Shake (Original Mix)
Luca Bisori – Celebrate Original Mix
Lucky Vegas – Hook Shot (Extended Mix)
Luttrell & Delta Underground – Just A Dream (Extended Club Mix)
Macrolev feat. Oggie – Boyfriend Original Mix)
Maksim Dark – Technoteak (Original Mix)
Mark Armitage – It’s Time (Original Mix)
Martin Ikin & Biscits feat. Anelisa Lamola – Ready 2 Dance (Extended Mix)
Masha Fox – Stardust (Original Mix)
Matador – Eightball (Original Mix)
Matik (AR) – Awakening (Original Mix)
Matonii – I’m so over You
Matteo Bruscagin – Heptagram feat. Duane Hobson (Original Mix)
Maur x Roobinz – Yoy Say (Original Mix)
Max Blade, Ignacio Berardi – Alu (Original Mix)
Max Blade, Ignacio Berardi – Rhamnous (Juan Ibanez Remix)
Maxzim, Maqar, Lana Domire – The Moment (Sam Dexter Extended Remix)
Meca, Antdot – Never Enough (Original Mix)
Miguel Bastida – Conceptual Firm (Original Mix)
Mike Morrisey – Pay Attention (Original Mix)
Mike Morrisey – Pay Attention (Reme Remix)
MikeT – 3D (Extended Mix)
Mila Journee – Affection (Original Mix)
Milk & Sugar Lurine Cato – All I Need Is Believe feat. Lurine Cato Extended Mix
Ming x Different Stage feat. Lex Oloko – Never Enough (Original Mix)
Mobin Master – La Vida (Extended Mix)
Moderat – Eating Hooks (Acid Eyes Remix)
Monolink – The Prey (Gui Boratto & Vintage Culture Remix)
Moonwalk – Rapture (Extended Mix)
Moonwalk – When You’re Gone (Extended Mix)
Moreno Pezzolato – Q (Original Mix)
More Than Friends, Victor Bari – Be A Man (Original Mix)
More Than Friends, Victor Bari – Be A Man (Vanilla Ace, No Pants Party Remix)
Morgan Page, Vivid – Fade Away (Low Blow Extended Remix) (Armada)
Nadia – Roller (Original Mix)
NarkoSky & Svat – Gaswal (Original Mix)
Natascha Polke – Burning Out (Original Mix)
Needs No Sleep & Jeremy Beamish – Unnatural (Extended Mix)
Nelli – Mesa (Original Mix)
Nicky Romero pres. Monocule – You Don’t Know (Extended Mix)
Nidman – Shivaya (Original Mix)
NightFunk & Basti Woods – Hide & Seek (Extended Mix)
Nikhoski – Supa Dupa (Extended Mix)
Nohak – Diamonds (Original Mix)
No Hopes, Sean Finn – Strings Of Life (Extended Mix)
Nozzleholder – Girlz (Original Mix)
Oibaf&Wallen – Compass Rose (Original Mix)
Paradoks – Panarea (Original Mix)
Paul Parsons & Bronx Cheer – Give Me House (Original Mix)
PBH & Jack x PS1 feat. Hannah Boleyn – Coffee & A Coke (Exit 11 Extended Remix)
Per QX, Rare Candy – Say Yes (It’s An Inside Job) (KPD & Harttins Remix)
Per QX & Rare Candy – Say Yes! (It’s An Inside Job) (Per QX Remix)
Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall (Tim Enso & Nadi Moss Remix)
Product Of Us – To The Left, To The Right (Club Mix)
Rafael Cerato – Swag (Original Mix)
Remcord – Alfortville
Rescue & Lizzie Curious – Vegas (Original Mix)
Ricardo Espino – Hot House (Extended Version)
Roobinz & Maur Feat. Faber – Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix)
Saive, Jan Bleidorn – Unknown Land (Original Mix)
Saive, Kleiber – Cyode (Original Mix)
Saive Kleiber – Without You (Original Mix)
Saive – Stay (Original Mix)
Santeli – Moment (Original Club Mix)
Savin – Catch Me (Original Mix)
Sevader – Days Like This (Extended Mix)
Shouse – Love Tonight (Vintage Culture & Kiko Franco Remix)
Siege feat. Maia Mayor – Perfect
Simone Vitullo, David Herrero, Shrii – Higher Feat. Shrii (Extended Mix)
Simon TG, Joe Diem – Alive (Original Mix)
S.ONE – My Thoughts (Original Mix)
S.ONE – My Thoughts (Rafael Cerato Remix)
Space Food – Azid Fields (Original Mix)
Space Food – Flying Steps (Original Mix)
Space Food – Rise Up (Original Mix)
Space Food – System (Original Mix)
Space Food – Timeless (Original Mix)
SPECT3R – All I Wonder (Extended Mix)
SQWAD & Cloverdale – Everyday (Original Mix)
Stan Kolev, Aaron Suiss – Fire Spirit (Original Mix)
Stan Kolev – Embodiment (Original Mix)
Stan Seba, Bynomic – Miracle (Sebastian Haas Rmx)
Stefano Pain & Francesco Molinari – Borderline (Extended Mix)
SUZe – Anthem of Nostalgia (Heerhorst Remix)
Tebra, Raw Main, Elly Ball – Break Free (Original Mix)
The Cube Guys, Pansill – Your Games (Club Mix)
The Doberman Club – Move Your Feet Like This (Alex Garett Remix)
The Kode, Beat Inside – Forgotten Sign (Original Mix)
The Koma – Waqnasa (Original Mix)
Thomas Gandey, Rafael Cerato – Ritual (Orignal Mix)
Tick Tock, Mahery, Milkoeh – Amanz’amnyama feat. Mahery (Mozaik (FR) Remix)
Timbhai – Over There (Original Mix)
Tobak, Oluhle – Khaya (Tvardovsky Remix)
Tobak, SNYL, Jessica Zese – Built to Last a Day Feat. Jessica Zese (Original Mix)
Tobak, SNYL, Jessica Zese – Fascination Feat. Jessica Zese (OIBAF&WALLEN Remix)
Tobak, SNYL, Jessica Zese – Fascination Feat. Jessica Zese (Original Mix)
Tomi&Kesh, Cosmin Horatiu – Cheeba (Enrico Caruso Remix)
Tommy Benassi – The Underground (Original Mix)
Varun Fernandes – Wicked Game (Jerome Isma-Ae & Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
Viduta – House Work (Original Mix)
Vimo, Dsb – Get Away (Cinimin Remix)
WAHM (FR) – Aji Lehna
WhoMadeWho, Patrice Baumel – Nefertari (Original Mix)
Worakls – Nikki (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)
Zhoroven – Imaginarium (Original Mix)
Zhoroven – Underground
Zuma Dionys – Gorit Dom (feat. Sasha Smaga)