Various Performers – UK Garage Sounds (Winter’21) (2021)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: UK Garage Sounds (Winter’21)
Release Date: 08.02.2021
Genre: Bass, House
Type: Compilation, Top CD
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 316.7 Mb

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


1. Callibry – Crazy For Your Love (Garage Vip Mix)
2. Louis De Vega – Use That House (Garage Vip Mix)
3. Universal Date – Music Is Gonna Get You (Garage Vip Mix)
4. Kid The House – I Give You Love (Garage Vip Mix)
5. Justin Berger – Is For The Rhythm (Brad Cooper Bass House Mix)
6. Mark Ikin – Stayin Home (Garage Vip Mix)
7. Dave Rodrigues – We Got It (Garage Vip Mix)
8. Oliver Newman – Givin It Up (Garage Vip Mix)
9. Christopher G – Bassline Drops (Mark Gabriels Dub Mix)
10. Mike Perfecto – Smog (Garage Vip Dub Mix)
11. Lost On Ibiza – Underneath (Garage Vip Mix)
12. Tech Maniacs – Adapter (Bass House Vip Mix)
13. Jason McKay – Bumper (Tech House Vip Mix)
14. Lost On Ibiza – Devotion (Rolling Royce Bassline Dub Mix)
15. Jordan Rocks – To The Beat (Jack Stranger Garage Dub Mix)
16. Bradley Richards – Disco Record (Club Mix)
17. Dirty Revenge – Stay (Garage Vip Dub Mix)
18. Acid Joy – Goes On (House Vip Mix)
19. Chapman King – Down Low Bass (Grime Vip Mix)
20. Chris Norton – Mumba (Bass House Vip Mix)
21. Zuxel – Slap The Rhythm (Garage Vip Mix)
22. Markus Penn – House Your Body (Jackin House Vip Mix)
23. Sébastien Fontaine – House Is Mine (Franko Ferreri Remix)
24. Martin Lorenzo – This Groove (Bassline Vip Mix)
25. Martin Lean – Keep On Way Down (Garage Vip Mix)
26. Brain Masters – Back To 808 (Garage Vip Mix)
27. Steve Montana – Blaze Up (Martin Landerz Bassline Mix)
28. Lockdown Girl – Bass Is Back (Bassline Vip Mix)
29. Funny Roger – On Your Mind (Electro House Dub Mix)
30. Empty Groovers – Tribal Funk (VIP Mix)