Various Artists – Don’t Break The Beat Groovy Bar Tunes Vol (2020)

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Don’t Break The Beat Groovy Bar Tunes Vol
Release Date: 2020
Genre: Funky, Club House
Type: Compilation, Top CD
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps Size: 314.0 Mb

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


01. Porter City – Go Back To Groove (Original Mix)
02. Capo And Comes And Damon Grey – Take Me Back (Original Mix)
03. May Seagull – You Gimme (Original Mix)
04. Bronx Cheer – Unfold Me (Original Mix)
05. Paco Caniza – We Move (Original Mix)
06. Josoy – Back To See U (Original Mix)
07. Danny Marx – Acid Let Me Go (Original Mix)
08. Sordid Soundz And Eddy Queens – Butterflies (Mrs. H Remix)
09. Just Karl And Oliver Sylo – Many Nights (Original Mix)
10. London Groove Ensemble – Mansao (Seejay Suspended Mix)
11. Nightpeople – Guitarra De La Noche (Extended Mix)
12. Kostenza Fria – I Love Miami (Summit Mix)
13. Antton – Watford’s Groove (Original Mix)
14. Noa And Aldo Ron Sanchez – In Your Arms (Original Mix)
15. Paul Parsons – Lift It Up (Original Mix)
16. 3Headz And Rayo Tinto – Shabuya (Original Mix)
17. Todd Smith – Going Crazy (Original Mix)
18. Zulu Natives – Take Me To The Clouds Above (Original Mix)
19. Fabio Amoroso And Stefano Iezzi ft Mascia CJ – Losing Control (Jazzy And Lovely Radio Remix)
20. Jim Pantera – Bahamas Beach (Original Mix)
21. Paco Caniza – Dance (Original Mix)
22. Compact Beats – Green Laser (Original Mix)
23. The Tech Pirates – Suburban Beats (Jay R Remix)
24. Christian Parlan – My House (Original Mix)
25. Anderson (USA) – Dealers (Original Mix)