Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance ASOT 975 (30-July-2020)

Artist: Armin van Buuren
Title: A State of Trance ASOT 975
Air Date: 30-July-2020
Genre: Trance
Type: DJ Mix, DJ Set
Quality: 320kpbs 44100kHz
Duration: 121:27
Size: 278.59 MB

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


Armin van Buuren played:
01 BT ft. Emma Hewitt – No Warning Lights (ALPHA 9 Remix) (BLACK HOLE)
02 Alex Sonata & TheRio – Nebula (ASOT (ARMADA))
03 Luke Bond ft. Sarah de Warren – Satellites (ARMIND (ARMADA))

Future Favorite:
04 HamzeH & O.B.M Notion – Our Destiny (ASOT (ARMADA))

Tune Of The Week:
05 Armin van Buuren & AVIRA – Illusion (ARMIND (ARMADA))

Progressive Pick:
07 Tom Staar ft. Leo Stannard – U + I (ARMADA)
08 Binary Finary & Shadow Child – 1998 (Venus) (ARMADA ELECTRONIC ELEMENTS)
09 Armin van Buuren & Fatum – Punisher (ARMIND (ARMADA))
10 Armin van Buuren & Brennan Heart ft. Andreas Moe – All On Me (ARMIND (ARMADA))
11 Quantor – Jet (BE YOURSELF)

Trending Track:
12 NWYR – Gamer (NWYR)
13 Omnia – Escape The Night
14 Armin van Buuren – I Don’t Own You (Witness45 Remix) (ARMADA)
15 Ruben de Ronde ft. Eke – Wanderlust (Eugenio Tokarev Remix) (STATEMENT! (ARMADA))
16 Armin van Buuren ft. Trevor Guthrie – This Is What It Feels Like (Maddix Remix) (ARMIND (ARMADA))
17 Armin van Buuren ft. Ray Wilson – Yet Another Day (Dreamy Emotional Remix) (ARMIND (ARMADA))

Service For Dreamers:
18 Major League ft. Carmen Mimosa – Wonder Where You Are? (BLACK HOLE)

Ruben de Ronde played:
19 Fabio XB & Linnea Schossow & Khrys Kloudz – Run The Sky (DIGITAL SOCIETY (ENHANCED))
20 Darkness Falls – Absent Mind (COLDHARBOUR)
21 Allen Belg – Another Day
22 D72 – Journey
23 Christina Novelli – I’m Ok (Allen Watts Remix) (BLACK HOLE)

Orkidea played:
24 Way Out West – Earth (Orkidea Pure Progressive Remix) (DECONSTRUCTION)
25 Orkidea – Rebel Time (PURE PROGRESSIVE (BLACK HOLE))
26 Paul Oakenfold ft. Little Nikki – Only Us (Orkidea Pure Progressive Remix) (PERFECTO)
27 Deepsky – Cosmic Dancer (Orkidea Pure Progressive Mix) (PURE PROGRESSIVE (BLACK HOLE))
28 Pink Bomb ft. Tracey Cattell – Indica (Solarstone & Orkidea Pure Progressive Mix) (QUAD COM)

Ruben de Ronde played:
29 Rising Star ft. Betsie Larkin – Safe Inside You (Pure NRG Remix) (ARMIND (ARMADA))
30 Ciaran McAuley & Susana – Dare To Love (NOCTURNAL KNIGHTS)
31 Driftmoon – High Tide (PURE TRANCE (BLACK HOLE))
32 David Nimmo – Bipolar (MONSTER FORCE)