Sam Divine – Defected Radio Show 208 (12-June-2020)

Artist: Sam Divine
Title: Defected Radio Show 208
Air Date: 12-June-2020
Genre: House
Type: DJ Mix, DJ Set
Quality: 192kpbs 44100kHz
Duration: 120:00
Size: 164.8 MB

Short audio cuts: (for pre-listening only.)


01 Mike Dunn – If I Can’t Get Down (Mousse T Funky Shizzle Remix) (CLASSIC MUSIC)
02 John Summit – Deep End (SELF RELEASED)
03 David Penn – The Heat (CLUB SWEAT)
04 Gettoblaster ft. Servante – This Beat (BLKSL LTD)
05 Selace – So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T Disco Shizzle) (DEFECTED)
06 Kormak – Let’s Talk About It (DVINE SOUNDS)
07 The Shapeshifters ft. Billy Porter – Finally Ready (GLITTERBOX)
08 Brokenears – Alright (DOWNTOWN UNDERGROUND)
09 Prospect Park ft. Caroyln Harding – Movin’ On (Joey Negro City Vocal Mix) (AM:PM)
10 Luke Solomon ft. Amy Douglas & Queen Rose – Love, Hope & Happiness (CLASSIC MUSIC)
11 Detroit Swindle – Hey Mister (CLASSIC MUSIC)
12 BB – Hey Ladies (Vox) (PUSS)
13 Kerri Chandle & Troy Denari – The Way It Goes (Track 1) (Chris Stussy Remix) (MADHOUSE)
14 Oscar G – Cash (DFTD (DEFECTED))
15 Jon Cutler ft. E-Man – It’s Yours (NiCe7 Remix) (NOIR)
16 Eats Everything – Miss Honey (Rave Version) (FFRR (PARLOPHONE))
17 The Psychedelic Waltons ft. Róisín Murphy – Wonderland (S-Man Dark Tribe Mix) (ECHO)
18 Oscar G ft. Robert Owens – Thank You (Hyenah Remix) (OPEN BAR)
19 Jesse Calosso & Bas Ibellini ft. Sheff – Ride The Rhythm (Ben Rau Meta Remix) (CUTTIN’ HEADZ)
20 Koffee Paige & Hippie Torrales – Funk The Formula (Jose Burgos Afro House Mix) (WHAT IS HIP RECORDS)
21 Sublevel ft. Donnell Rush – Time To Celebrate (Philly Groove Vocal) (BASEMENT BOYS)
22 Camilo Do Santos & Daniel Moreno & Amezquit – El Apogeo (STASHED)
23 Jerome Sydenham & Fatima Njai – Waiting For You (AFRICAN EXPRESS)
24 Noble North – Hold It (1980)
25 Deep Aztec – Funk Ssssh Up (CLOSER TO TRUTH)
26 Soul Vision – Don’t Stop (FLUENTIAL)
27 Urbanized – Helpless (I Don’t Know What To Do Without You) (MAXI)