Various Artist – Best Of Neinteen (25.10.2019)

Artist: Various Artist
Title: Best Of Neinteen
Label: Nein
Released: 25.10.2019
Type: Compilation
Style: Electronic, Indie Dance, Nu-Disco
Type: compilation
Format: mp3
Size: 231 mb

Short cuts: (lower quality, pre-listening only.)


1. Freudenthal, Tiempo de Maldad – Soufi (Freudenthal Remix)7:55
2. White Magik, Alex Aguayo – The Future (White Magik Remix)6:08
3. Alejandro Molinari – Noche De Berlin (Original Mix)5:17
4. Tronik Youth, Younger Than Me – E=Me Squared (Younger Than Me Remix)7:29
5. Snem K, Two Mamarrachos – Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)9:29
6. Low Manuel – Asteroids (Original Mix)5:20
7. Dino Lenny, Colossio – Secret Tapes (Colossio Remix)6:50
8. Fringe Society, Mode Alone – Disco Di Morte Lenta (Mode Alone Remix)7:04
9. From Beyond, Carolain Luf – Sinensis (From Beyond Remix)6:35
10. Younger Than Me, Curses – No Regrets (Curses Remix)8:19
11. Back From The Wave – Cosmic Dancer (Original Mix)6:54
12. Moo Moonster, Rigopolar – This Is The Time (Rigopolar Remix)7:14
13. Sunmantra – Boney Man (Original Mix)6:18
14. Medusa Odyssey, Mufti – Pahm (Mufti Remix)5:44
15. Guy Tallo, Javier Busto – Depth (Guy Tallo Remix)5:35

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Various Artist – Best Of Neinteen (25.10.2019)