Various Artist – Tech-House Trails XII (2019)

Artist: Various Artist
Title: Tech-House Trails XII (2019)
Genre: House
Year: 2019
Label: City Noises
Tracks: 24
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 366 mb

Short cuts from audio: (lower quality, for pre-listening only.)


01-Jaydee-About House (Alexander Koning Remix) 0:05:56
02-Michael Quadelli-Muzik 0:05:16
03-Luthier-Vanilla (Dj Vitto Remix) 0:07:10
04-Lydmoor And Bon Homme-Skin And Bones (Karl Friedrich Mix) Feat Lydmoor And Bon Homme 0:08:30
05-Simone Cristini-Underwater 0:07:10
06-Afgo-Mariposa 0:06:02
07-Fabio Neural-Let Me Play 0:07:33
08-Sandrien-Cynical Dog 0:08:13
09-Pierce-Brazilique (Evan Baggs Beijo Remix) 0:06:59
10-Crimsen-Break The Cycle (Miky Falcone And Fabio Morello Remix) 0:06:29
11-Nico Cabeza-Intentions 0:06:11
12-Son Of Elita-Paradoja 0:08:01
13-Delgado-The Shake 0:06:08
14-Tenzer-Naturals 0:06:50
15-Rudolf-Teasing De Ser (Feat Rudolf) 0:09:52
16-Mark Evemport-Kobin 0:06:02
17-Nandez-Intuitivo (Johnny Davison Remix) 0:07:22
18-Diesen-How I Feel (Kindred Spirits (Ger) Remix) 0:06:06
19-Crassy-Tochka 0:05:50
20-Evolke-Poppin 0:04:23
21-House Meanz House-The Class War 0:06:15
22-Luciano Leone-Orbital Bside (Feat Luciano Leone) 0:06:47
23-Harald-Speculations 0:07:00
24-D I N G O-Tear The Roof Off (Alex Franchini Remix Radio Edit) 0:03:23

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Various Artist – Tech-House Trails XII (2019)