VA – Addicted Music V/A (2018)

Addicted Music V/A

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Addicted Music V/A
Genre: Techno
Label: Addicted Music
Quality: 320kbps


Adamant (IT) – The Transition (Original Mix) 7:10 bpm/ F#min
Against The Time – Arthemisa ((Original Mix)) 6:17 bpm/ A#min
Between Ourselves – Something Between (Original Mix) 7:56 bpm/ Dmin
Esoteric Circle – Us Together (Original Mix) 6:30 bpm/ Amin
Martina Kengi – Muted (Original Mix) 7:17 bpm/ A#maj
Opposite Ways – Scale of Illusion (Original Mix) 5:50 bpm/ Gmin
Saba – Devet (Original Mix) 8:03 bpm/ Fmaj
Sacha Muki – Itadi (Original Mix) 8:12 bpm/ Bmaj
Timelapse – Inverted (Original Mix) 8:12 bpm/ Dmin

Short preview: ( Lower quality 64 kbps )

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VA – Addicted Music V/A (2018)