VA – Drum and Bass 2018, Massive 100 Tracks (V. 51) (2018)

Drum and Bass 2018, Massive 100 Tracks (V. 51)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Drum and Bass 2018, Massive 100 Tracks (V. 51)
Year of Release: 2018
Genre: Drum and Bass, Techstep, Liquid Funk, Drumfunk, Soulful DNB, Mainstream, Neurofunk, JumpUp
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps


1.Actraiser – Yesterday (Original Mix)
2.Aetherial & Cosmic Sequence – Inner Cosmos (Original Mix)
3.Aetherial & Cosmic Sequence – Lunar Rise (Original Mix)
4.Aetherial – Alone (Former Allies Remix)
5.Alaska – Hold On (Original Mix)
6.Andromedik – Holding On (Original Mix)
7.Artifical Intelligence – Say Now (Original Mix)
8.Bredren – Aversive (Original Mix)
9.Calibre – Leave (Original mix)
10.Critical Event & Scott Allen – Soul Control (Original Mix)
11.Current Value – Kaleidoscope (Original Mix)
12.D.Amadeus – Afterimage (Original Mix)
13.D.Amadeus – Badinage (Original Mix)
14.D.Amadeus – Drifting Away (Original Mix)
15.D.Amadeus – Embrace (Original Mix)
16.Dexcell, Charli Brix – Speechless (Original Mix)
17.Document One – LSD (Original Mix)
18.Document One – Never Let Go (Original Mix)
19.Dossa & Locuzzed & Dorian – Synthesizer (Original Mix)
20.Dossa & Locuzzed – Grains (Original Mix)
21.Drumsound & Bassline Smith & Teddy Killerz – Metal & Blood (Original Mix)
22.Dub Elements – 360 (Original Mix)
23.Dub Elements – Come Roll With Me (Original Mix)
24.Dub Elements – Tonite (Original Mix)
25.DUSQ – Like a Voice (Original Mix)
26.EiZO – One Sided Love (Original mix)
27.Empire Rising & Vastive – Lighthouse (Original Mix)
28.Enoby – Disconnected Brain (Original Mix)
29.Ewol – Tokyo Blues (Original Mix)
30.Fre4knc & Nickbee – Recursive Function (Original Mix)
31.Fre4knc – Crustacean (Original Mix)
32.Fre4knc – Red Shadow (Original Mix)
33.Friction & JP Cooper – Dancing (Original Mix)
34.Gerra & Stone – Cycles (Original Mix)
35.Grey Code, DRS – Drowning (Original Mix)
36.Halogenix – Raeph (Original Mix)
37.Henry – Blizzard (Original Mix)
38.Imba – Undone (Original Mix)
39.Itro – Our Drive (Original Mix)
40.James Marvel – Antik’s Theme (Original Mix)
41.Kill The Noise & Snails – Shake the Ground (feat. Sullivan King & Jonah Kay)
42.Killbox – Nitty Gritty (Original Mix)
43.Killbox – Real World (Original Mix)
44.Killbox – Shoreditch Shuffle (Original Mix)
45.KITT – Hollow (Original Mix)
46.Klax – Lucid (Original Mix)
47.Kove – Give & Take (Original Mix)
48.Kyo & Break – Who Decides (Original Mix)
49.LEEROY THORNHILL – Breaking Out (Smooth Remix)
50.LEEROY THORNHILL – Wait For Me (The Prototypes Remix)
51.Leniz – My Passion For You (Original Mix)
52.Light Monday – Babylon (Dharma Kaya Remix)
53.Light Monday, Nasiafromasia – Inside Rhythm (Electrosoul System Remix)
54.Light Monday, Nasiafromasia – Inside Rhythm (Original Mix)
55.Liveon – Ufo Panic (Original Mix)
56.LNO – When U Call (Original Mix)
57.LSB – Space Between (Original Mix)
58.M-Soul & S27 – You Say (Original Mix)
59.Macca & Loz Contreras – You Want Me You Need Me (Original Mix)
60.Macca & Loz Contreras, Becca Jane Grey – Lost Origins (Original Mix)
61.Macca & Loz Contreras, Vector – I Need You (Original Mix)
62.Mage – Deep Blue (Original Mix)
63.MC JD & David Keith – All My Love (feat. David Keith) (Original Mix)
64.MD – Vandal (Original Mix)
65.Mean Teeth – Evil (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
66.Melinki & Demure feat. Havelock – Can’t See Straight (Original Mix)
67.Melinki & Demure feat. Sydney – I Been Searching (Original Mix)
68.Memtrix – Of the Ice (Original Mix)
69.Neonlight – Neon City (Neonlight Rework)
70.No Concept & Smk – Grave Digga (Original Mix)
71.Noizesplitter – Reflection (Original Mix)
72.Nostre & Alexvnder – Tell Me (Original mix)
73.Oz – Sunshine (Original Mix)
74.Pendulum – Witchcraft (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
75.Poizone & Pink Clay – Paid For It (feat. Pink Clay) (Original Mix)
76.Rafau Etamski – I Can’t Stand It (Original Mix)
77.Raizer – Free (Original Mix)
78.Rakusov – Dark Sun (Original Mix)
79.Rameses B – Prometheus (Original Mix)
80.Ran Grim – We Need Music (Original Mix)
81.Rizla – Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix)
82.Seba & Jr Vallo – Exit (Original Mix)
83.Shy FX feat. Maverick Sabre – Call Me (Original Mix)
84.Sicknote – 2000AD (Original Version)
85.Sound In Noise – Ping Pong (Original Mix)
86.Spor feat. Linguistics – Pull the Sun Down (Original Mix)
87.Subdivision & Lusive – Divergence (Koherent Remix)
88.T & Sugah, Luna Morgenstern – Back In Time (Original Mix)
89.The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die (Killbox Remix)
90.The Prophecy & Kodin – Agastopia (ABIS Remix)
91.The Prophecy & Kodin – Trichotillomania (Original Mix)
92.The Prophecy – Dead Frog (Original Mix)
93.The Vanguard Project – Fallout (Original Mix)
94.Thread – 1714 feat. Emily Lomas (Original Mix)
95.V.S.D – Brain Crusher (Original Mix)
96.V.S.D – Evil Dead (Original Mix)
97.Western Sea & Liquid Waves & MC Astro – Bigger Than You (Original Mix)
98.Western Sea & Liquid Waves & MC Astro – No Dream (Original Mix)
99.What So Not LPX – Better (ShockOne Remix)

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