VA – Top100 BTPRT Future House August 2017 (2017)

Top100 BTPRT Future House August 2017

Artist: VA
Title: Top100 BTPRT Future House August 2017
Genre: Future House
Store Date: 04.09.2017
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Size: ~1.16 GB

Actobass – What (Original Mix) [Sick Bedroom Records)
Aeros – Datsubline (Original Mix) [Mehtevas Records)
A-Mase, Sharliz – Crush (The Bestseller Remix) [Deep Strips)
Andrew Belize, Adaptiv – Groofy (Original Mix) [120dB Records)
Anton Liss, Kinspin – Weve Been Waiting (Original Mix) [Prison Entertainment)
Arnold Palmer, Luca Debonaire – It Was Nothing (Extended Mix) [Planet Punk Music)
Audino, ELMY – Praise The Sun (Extended Mix) [Snippet Recordings)
Axe-D – Sunrise (Original Mix) [Sick Bedroom Records)
Baker, Mckenzie – Do You Feel Alright (Original Mix) [Dream Sounds Factory)
Bartes, Demi LaVoyce – My Soul (Extended Mix) [Enormous Chills)
Bastille – Glory (Young Bombs Remix) [Virgin Records Ltd)
Ben Lemonz – People (Original Mix) [Musical Noize)
Boostereo – Holding On (Original Mix) [Snippet Recordings)
Boy George, Vanilla Ace, Katerina Themis – Just Another Guy (Bon Volta Remix) [Dear Deer Mafia)
Bruno Mattos, Versaty Mode – Shadows (Original Mix) [Up Club Records)
Caro, Massive Ditto, Vinyl S – What Else (Instrumental Mix) [Moon Records)
Charupa – Live In The Light (Original Mix) [Indie House)
Cosmo, SputniQ, Skoro – Belong (Original Club Mix) [S2 Records)
D.O.D – Urgettable (Extended Mix) [Axtone Records)
Desert Minds – Save (Original Mix) [Housesession Records)
DJ Flight – That Sweet Melody (Original Mix) [Galantis Records)
DJ Ides – Move B (Pascal & Pearce Remix) [Freakin909)
DJ Kristina Mailana – Kalimba (Original Mix) [House Connection)
Double Agent – Satisfy Me (VIP Dub Mix) [Medium Rare Recordings)
Dub Forge – Turn Up (Original Mix) [LouLou Records)
Ducka Shan, Blu Eyes – Higher Power (Original Mix) [Big Fish Recordings)
EDX – Daybreak (Original Club Mix) [PinkStar Records)
EnzinoSting – Another Side Of You (Original Mix) [Floored)
Fabrizio Max – Get Funky (Original Mix) [Vox Records)
Felix Cartal – Get What You Give (DLMT & Vanrip Remix) [Polydor Records)
Firebeatz, Lucas & Steve – Show Me Your Love (Extended Mix) [Spinnin Premium)
FootriX – Its Back On (Extended Mix) [Showland Records)
Fox Stevenson – Arigatou (Extended Mix) [SPINNIN RECORDS)
Fran Bortolossi – Funky Freaky (Original Mix) [LouLou Records)
Fredb – Twister (Original Mix) [Pyro Records)
Ghost Notes – Life Underwater (Original Mix) [Space Recordings)
Haechi – Back (Original Mix) [Brooklyn Fire)
HI-LO, Alok – Alien Technology (Extended Mix) [Heldeep Records)
Holl, Rush – Dont Know (Original Mix) [Contagious Recordings)
Ian Davecore – How Low (Original Mix) [SIBERNOIZE)
JAKKO, WOAK – One Back (Original Mix) [Up Club Records)
Jason Rivas, Creeperfunk – Ding Dong (Club Mix) [Ibiza Organic Records)
Jokheer – All The Bitches Love Me (Original Mix) [4AllClub)
Just Kiddin, DiRTY RADiO – My Life (Extended Mix) [SPINNIN DEEP)
Kat Krazy, Sebastian Tree – Something In The Water (Original Mix) [Katnip Records)
Katrella – Find Our Way (Extended Mix) [Sirup Music)
Ketami – Way Back (Original Mix) [Nifu Nifa Records)
Kinspin – The View (Dave Kurtis Remix) [No Definition)
Kolombo, Sion – I Feel (Original Mix) [LouLou Records)
Krosses – Gold (Original Mix) [Mixmash Deep)
Kubbix – Azur (Original Mix) [Royal Beats Records)
Kyro, Alex Preston – Broke Ya Home (Original Mix) [Basement Sound)
Lakostik – Dont Be Scared (Original Mix) [Simplify.)
Leon Lour – Equilibrium (Extended Mix) [Armada Deep)
Lika Morgan – Holding On (Original Club Mix) [Enormous Tunes)
Lika Morgan – Holding On (Original Mix) [Enormous Tunes)
Loud Control, Carlos Colleen – Fat Sacs (Original Mix) [Up Club Records)
Louise DaCosta – Turn It Up (Original Mix) [Zulu Records)
LouLou Players – Aeroflot (Original Mix) [LouLou Records)
Malikk – Acid Drums (Original Mix) [Bunny Tiger)
Markus Riva, Rodion Gordin – With You (Extended Mix) [Dropper)
Martin Garrix, Troye Sivan – There For You (Brohug Remix) [Epic Amsterdam)
Max Lake – Ghost (Original Mix) [ARVEG)
Maxx Play, Aristina – Listen To My Heart (Alwa Game, DJ Stashion Remix) [Deep Strips)
Mellow Trax – Tha Beat (Original Club Mix) [S2 Records)
Mike Mago, Tom Ferry, ILY – Remedy (Original Mix) [BMKLTSCH RCRDS)
MTS – Feelings (Original Mix) [Housesession Records)
Muharram – Malaria Feat. Samantha Nova (Original Mix) [Brooklyn Fire)
Mullaha – Breath (Original Mix) [Mullaha Records)
Musige – Ignition (Original Mix) [Sick Bedroom Records)
Nu Desire – Freak This (Original Mix) [Poolside Recordings)
Ost, Meyer, Stage Rockers – Make It High (Extended Mix) [Enhanced Recordings)
Ozzy, Nara – Ocean (Original Mix) [Stell Recordings)
Pawax – Sunshine Is The Feeling (Original Mix) [Crystalized Records)
Plastik Funk, Alex Prince – Damaged Heart (Extended Mix) [Armada Deep)
Plastik Funk, Alex Prince – Damaged Heart (Plastik Funk Club Mix) [Armada Deep)
Platinum Doug – Get High, Live Life (Original Club Mix) [Enormous Tunes)
Redondo – Instant Moments (Extended Mix) [SPINNIN DEEP)
Retrovision – Waves (Extended Mix) [HEXAGON)
Ron Reeser, Kriss Norman – Need You (Original Mix) [Pyro Records)
SeaLine – Singularity (Original Mix) [Magnetico Club)
Sharam Jey, Kolombo – Nonstop! (Original Mix) [Bunny Tiger)
Silverouse – Summervibes (Original Mix) [Maxximusical)
Sinner, James – What U Got (Original Mix) [LouLou Records)
Sinnerman – Discotheque (Original Mix) [Black Rooster Label)
Sisto – How We Do It (Original Mix) [LouLou Records)
Tchami – Dont Let Me Down (Original Mix) [Confession)
Tchami, Taiki Nulight – Godspell (Original Mix) [Confession)
Techdog – Get Up (Original Mix) [Budder Records)
Thayana Valle, Botteon – Dreams (Bruno Torrezz Remix) [Extraklasse Records)
Throttle – Baddest Behaviour (Extended Mix) [SPINNIN RECORDS)
Tom Budin – Trompeta (Original Mix) [Club Cartel Records)
Tony Straw – Horus (Original Mix) [FUTURETRXX)
TVB – Funq (Original Mix) [Urban Dubz Music)
Vlad Bodhi – Everlasting Love (Original Mix) [See The Sea Records)
Weird Tyler – Glow (Original Mix) [Atria Recordings)
Westend – Eyes Up (Original Mix) [Audiophile XXL)
Will Fast – Like This (Original Mix) [Housesession Records)
ZNMK – Anesthetic (Original Mix) [Pink Panties Records)
Zonderling, Mingue – Remedy (Extended Mix) [SPINNIN DEEP)

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