VA – TRAP & BASS vs. DUBSTEP – TOP 100 (May 2017)

VA - TRAP & BASS vs. DUBSTEP - TOP 100 (May 2017)

VA – TRAP & BASS vs. DUBSTEP – TOP 100 (May 2017)
Style: Bass, Trap, Dubstep
Size: 1,23 Gb
Date: 02-05-2017
Format & Quality: mp3, 320kbps
Tracks: 120

Keywave – Baby Come Back
Clang of Beats – Sleepless Night (First Mix)
DJ Emho – New World
Gijs de Mik feat. Lucy Bosman – Our Love Is Dead
Classi – Taste It (Radio Edit)
Teielte – Shempolain
Dexter Dub feat. Pelican – Give Thanks (Full Sound Mix)
Chitoon – Blood (Original Mix)
Gemini – Blue
Bo Biz – Drunken Monkey
Guesswerk – Hunter (Original Mix)
Aleksey Zhahin – The Burden of Loneliness
Enzymes – GooglyEyes (Remix)
Concylium – The Fear
Dirty Individuals – Head Trip
CVX – Down For You (Decemberkid x Mardial Remix)
Butterfly Crash – Abandoned
Psyntimental – A-Game
Endless Fountain of Dubstep – Leap of Faith (Remix)
Curious – Lift Off (Original Mix)
Atomikdog – Advantage Of Dope (Remix)
Schinowatz Bobofkof feat. Akleton Live – The Gentle Walk
MQ – Old Fashioned (Original Mix)
Latesil – Fire Away
Galvatron – No Escape (Original Mix)
Dc Rockz – Sucker
Crop – My Heart Is On Fire
Rudical – Getting Past The Bad Thoughts (Original Mix)
Ron Ractive – Crash Twin
DeadRomeo – Nightmare On Trap Street
Schoco – Freedom Don’t Cost (Sound Shifter Remix)
Hot Pink Abuse – Sometimes (Dubstep Version)
Hinkstep – Out Inner Space ( Dubstep Trap Bass Music )
Curly-Stache – Trill Shit (VIP Remix)
Rad Rod – Madness (Original Mix)
Polymorph – Earth Quake
Trippy Hippy – Dude Ur Trippin
Concord Dawn – Colourless (Original Mix)
Skitear – Basement Jack
Amen Diagnostics – Likkle Soundboy (Original Mix)
Soumapo – Kinky (Original Mix)
Hyphee Cody – Wheeze
Tony Rocky Horror – Sleep Paralysis (Original Mix)
Jazzy – Inside My Head
Porter Robinson, Amy Millan – Divinity (Odesza Remix)
Mike Lucid – Burn The Money (feat. Twatricks)
Roberto Corto – Dubstepper (Dub Mix)
Goyko – Getting To My Head (Original Mix)
Dannic & DBSTF – Noise (Extended Mix)
Clang of Beats – Wild Step
Space Tomato – Who Is You
Brain Rock – Bang (Dubstep Vocal Mix)
Beau Destruct – Black Berry (Bright Mix)
Syntheticsax – Zaycev Boy (Stream Noize Remix)
Phaze Control – Everytime We Say Goodbye
Ferd – Public Class Monster Bass
Psychoz – Memory Loss
King Fatu – Grime Reggae
Enki – Damfish
Predatory Meerkats – Extreme Challenge (Original Mix)
Death By Synth – The Chain Is Forged
Neptune – Get Down (Original Mix)
Messinian & Psychoz – Forgotten Memories
The Ledgard Brothers – Chase The Ace (Original Mix)
Sweet Peppers – Drop Me
Smash – Stop the Time (Original Mix)
Rage-Bot – Kush
Miroslav Vrlik – Omega (Miretz Remix)
August – Love Buzz (Original Mix)
Hedlok – Noize In The Attik
Aylen – ZaZu (Original Mix)
Cranio – Suboccipital
Ed Prymon – Quest (Original Mix)
Agent K, Curtis B – Hit You Wit It (KMFX Remix)
Jonkay – Into the Cave
DJ Red – Bad Hombres (Richard Wette VIP Remix)
Spank0 – Drop That Bass
Datsik & Virtual Riot – Nasty
Cannons – Night Verses
Animal Mother – Bulgarian Dentist
9TRANE – Heard Me (Strong4Life Remix)
Planet Funk – Chase The Sun (Just A Gent Remix)
Datsik & Zack The Lad – Gravity
K Theory – The Tower (Trap Remix)
Wavelen – Blackbox
Datsik & Excision – Redemption
Tony Igy Vs Flook – Lucky
S3 – Downpour (Vcore Remix)
No Limits Project – Lights
D-Program – Samuel Colt – (Droid Sector Remix)
DoddS – Rejoice Always
Kodec – Gravity Dub (Original Mix)
Johnny Golden – Party
Trbl – Kush In My Face
Clear Lake Bass – Sportsman 360 TV
Alphaze – Now
Aerotonin – That North (Maribor Remix)
XYLO – Dead End Love
Ryex – Forever
Source – Incrementum
Scope – Serato (Original Mix) (feat. Capo Lee)
Usai, Julia Elle – Falling Down (PARSIFAL Remix)
MDR – Dip
P.s.s. – Chartreuse
Frilla – Add An Effect (Norwood Bass Cartel Remix)
Megahurtz – More Fire (feat. ThaSuspect 1)
CRIS TAYLOR – Sev Meni Yeter
Pumpkin Harmony – Say What
MC Vapour – Next Hype (Juxta Remix)
SWVZY – All I Want
Stolen Mech – Berceuse
Dryman – Snitchin (Original Mix)
Clang of Beats – Boon and Bane (First Mix)
PlanetaryChild – Space Gas
Chet Faker – Im Into You (Michael Mason Remix)
Habouchi – Ride (Original Mix)
Bass Addicted – Red
Vulture – Pumpin’ Blood
MaA?A? – Another Way
Defreight – Black Horror (Original Mix)

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