Style: breaks, breakbeat, booty-breaks, nu-breaks, big-beat
Release date: 25/037
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 2,23 Gb
Tracks: 200

Deekline & Ed Solo – Creeping (Ed Solo & Krafty Kuts Remix)
3D Stas – Acidbath
Bad Girlz – Bad Girlz (Charlie Kane Remix)
Dark Age Of Insanity – Rock Your Soul (Original Mix)
A2 – Vandal – Captain Magic (Original Dirty Vox Filth Mix)
Access Denied, Refracture – Killing Me (Instrumental Mix)
Aggresivnes – Hit It (Original Mix)
Alex Wicked – Never Forget The Old School
dark cat – Remedy (Original Mix)
Algorithmic – The Clone (Digibox Remix)
Alex Wicked – Reloaded
Kelle – Fading Civilisation
Neologisticism – Frozen Orb
Bit59 – Gonna Be Funky
B-Side – It’s Poppin
[SC)Smash3r vs. Blizzard Entertainment – Power of the Horde
Devil Dragon Tatoo – 411 (Original Mix)
Omega Squad – I Know (Original Mix)
Windom R – RoboAfrika (Original Mix)
3D Stas – That One
[SC)Smash3r – Pump Up the Mind
Voltage – Pay Day
Mr Reds vs Skribble – Everybody Come On (Can You Feel It) (Stanton Warriors Re-Edit)
Nina Wilde – Jungle
Danny Dove – Show Me (Norbak Re-Edit)
Deep Energy – Infinity
Deformaty & James Renegade – Fluxus (Deformaty Breaks Mix)
Detach & BreakID – Deep Inside
Dj Debbie D – Like Dat (Original Mix)
Djedjotronic feat. Miss Kittin – Pleasure & Pain (Glass Figure remix)
K4DJ – I Can’t Stop
Javy Groove – World Dancing Remix (Javy Groove remix)
Canary Breaks – Back To Funk
Bombo Rosa – Birds
Le Duke – Mo Money (Original Mix)
NLP – Long Game
Rick Tedesco – Halo
Smash HiFi – All Summer Long (feat. Kym Mazelle)
NeuroziZ, GSMontana – Ghetto Funk (Original Mix)
Mikas – Closer To Your Dreams (Division 7 Mix)
AlunaGeorge ft. Popcann – I’m In Control (Martin Flex Remix)
Aggresivnes – Put The New Needle (Original Mix)
B-Phreak – Bass Down (Original Mix)
Betelgeuze – Dream [Devil Dragon Tatoo Remix)
Blakjak – Git Heavy
Atomic Project – We Are Atomic (Remastered)
Anonyms – In Da Club (Original Mix)
BreakID – Have It All (Original Mix)
B-Side vs. Badboe – Funk Me Again (Instrumental)
Calibre 7.62 – I Need You Baby
Creative Sound – The End
Kid Panel – Dropping That Bass (Original Mix)
IPlay – Bass Flow (Original Mix)
DestiluX – Sunshine (Original Mix)
Metha & Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes – I’m Coming Back & Invader
Under Break – Electronic Paradise
Wardian – Dune (Yo Speed Remix)
Devil Dragon Tatoo + Evgenia Gintsar – Rain Does Not Wash Away All Traces Of
Colombo – Fly by Night (Original Mix)
DJ Randy – Crazy Drums
Dr Beats – Robotric (B-Phreak Remix)
Ed Solo, Deekline, Christina Nicola – Paella (Gloria) Feat. Christina Nicola
DJ Hero – Hit Em Hard (Original Mix)
Electrocore – Total Freedom (feat. D’fezza) (Original Mix)
Engine-EarZ Experiment – Shadow People (PYRAMID Remix)
Figure – Monster’s Revenge (DirTy MaN Mix).
Ganco – Born In The Mountains
Hirshee, Sue Cho – Hold On To Love (Killagraham Remix-REL-1 Redub)
Eric Rigo – Ezra (Mechanical Pressure Remix)
Liquid Rollers – Generator
K4DJ – Good To Me
Flying High – Baby (Thec4 remix)
3D Stas – Stylus (CONFIG MACHINE Remaster)
Vectrix – Black Hole
Dynamite Boom – Music Vox (Original mix)
Xtreme Project – Drop Virtual (Original Mix)
The Game Shop – Acid Rock
Rollz Royze – Techtronic (Original Mix)
Audio Noir – From London To Moscow (Vince Aoun Remix)
Cosmic EFI – Constellation Andromeda
Deekline & Wizard – Dancehall Thrilla feat. Navigator, Top Cat, Yolanda & Hadouk
Deformaty – Quantum Immortality MASTER
BreakID – Year of the Rooster
Cosmic EFI – Unstoppabullz Crew
Devouring Mind – Quantum superiority
Destroyers, BBK, Josh Chambers – Party At My Place (Original Mix)
Esso – Strike Force
Far Too Loud – Firestorm (Sound Beach Breaks Mix)
DestiluX – Nasty Swing (SevenG Remix)
Javy Groove – Hooks (Original Mix)
Suga7 – Let Me Come Again (Yankee Remix)
Digital Department – Tears Of A Soul (Fake Truth remix)
Electrocore – The Gap
Kitt Whale – All You Need To Know
Flashtech – Hope for a Better Future
Voltage – Tutankhamun
Nuclear Maniac – Confession of the Sinner
Boys Noize – Rock the Bells
Interra – Way to Proxima Centauri (Original Mix)
Flashback & KL2 – Blazin’ Toes
Electrocore, D’fezza – Broadcast Storm (Instrumental Mix)
Javi R – Its Free (Original Mix)
Karetus feat. Ricco Vitali – Future Is Now (Deenk Remix)
MKR – Drops (Borka FM Remix)
Kill The Noise & Feed Me – Thumbs Up (For Rock n Roll) (Raj Marathe ReRub)
Mr. Confuse – Let the Music Play (feat. Manoo)
Klux feat The Synthetic Plastic Worms – Thunder (Floyd the Barber Remix)
NANOCULT – Tumbleweed
Trastler – Heartbeat (Original Mix)
Powerms – Portal Of Time
Gysnoize – Suspense (Remaster Mix)
SelivaN.D – Run (Original Mix)
Kindred Soul – The Love You Give To Me (Wes Smith remix)
Flash Cats – Loving You Like Crazy
Intima – Arte
Genuss – Blazing Beats
FB Force – Scrapyard
Dizja – SoS
FB Force – Broken Sense
Firestar Soundsystem – Drop The Bomb
Funky Boogie Brothers – TigerZ Attack
Ganco – Istanbul Superstar
Goon – Big Beat (Sj Ocean Beat Boost)
Gosize – Wild (Original Mix)
Kosmorama – Milky Way (Breaks Version)
Klux & Floyd the Barber feat Trixstar & Metaled – Dealer
Lady Waks, Mutantbreakz ft. Rubi Dan – In Beat We Trust (Original Mix)
Stone People – CR23
Plu-Ton – Sunset On Mars
Strongbass – Legends
Meatbeat – Checkmastyle
3D Stas – Play Life
The Prodigy – Castl road
Under Break – Red
Strongbass – Blooster
Placenta – Insight
B – Jam
Popeska – Now Or Never
Prototyperz – Digiman (Original Mix)
Richard Champion – Are U Ready Now (Original Mix)
Reii – Shocks Cormac (Murphy Spiked Remix)
Royal Trip – Tinnel (Original Mix)
Stanton Warriors – Blue
Smookie illson – Number 1 Champion (Timothy Getz Breaks Edit)
Serginio Chan – Confident
Stone People – Trip Home
Tedy Leon – Live The Summer
Danny Dee – Octopus
3D Stas – Asari
Windom R – Techno Nomads
Dizja – iBelieve
Decap – Taiwon
Blade – Turn It Out (Original Mix)
Awio Planet – Spaceflight (Original Mix)
3D Stas – Sleeping In Turbine
Windom R – RoboAfrika (Slinky Remix)
K4DJ – Big Girls
The Reptiles – Submarine (Floyd the Barber remix)
The Brainkiller feat. Goodiva – For a Future (Aggresivnes Remix)
Deekline, Wizard – Dancehall Thrilla feat. Navigator, Top Cat, Yolanda & Hadouken (Original Mix)
The Tesla’s Method – Skyline Force
Tzar Vasilich – That’s How I Had Fun (The Rockets VIP version)
Little Orange UA – Circle (Original Mix)
Vize, BBK, Temazo – Killin Speakers (feat. BBK) (Temazo Remix)
The Tesla’s Method – Rockhater (Tomorrow Edit)
Wes Smith & Short Stack – Everybody In The Place
Zedd & Grey feat. Hailee Steinfeld – Starving (KIIDA Remix)
Alfoa – Anubis (Original Mix)
Access Denied – Intrigant
Flash Cats – TRIBUTE
M.A.T.T. – Dirty Chirp (Original Mix)
Kayshan – Coming For You (feat. Stephanie Kay)
NCQL – Nocturnalist
The Prodigy – Bungalow’s island
Mikas – Haze (Duane Barry Digital Descent remix)
Neologisticism – Kraken
Nikki Carabello – A World Away (Seth Vogt remix)
The Bomb Squad – On The G String (Dj Hero Remix)
The Brainkiller – Zion (Original Mix)
The Prodigy – We Gonna Rock
The Tesla’s Method – Touch The Sun
Tedy Leon – Trumpert Island
Type V Blood – We Rise (feat. Virus19XX & Placenta)
The M Machine – Some Animal
Under Influence – Blow In My Mind
Ways & Means – Scissor Fight (Original mix)
Vectrix – Black Hole (Baboden Remix)
Electrocore & D’fezza – Broadcast Storm
DJ Guy – Harmonic Oscillation
Bubble Couple – Play (FM-3 Remix)
Beatslappaz – The Drop
Wes Smith – Bass Kick (Califunkya mix)
Bass Station – Brass Effect (Original Mix)
Vazteria X & Zona Breakbeat DJ’s – Valak
The Beatkillers – Gouryella (Cover)
Strongbass – Royal Drug
Betelgeuze – Desert Thoughts (Original Mix)

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