VA – Sense Of Life (2017)

Sense Of Life

Artist: Project Serenity
Album: Sense Of Life
Released: 08.06.2011
Type: Compilation
Style: Electronic, Trance, Uplifting

1. Ahmed Romel – Only For You (Intro Mix)[Blue Soho Recordings)
2. Sky Motion – Autumn Dreams (SoundLift Remix)[Blue Soho Recordings)
3. Dominik Dudek pres Astral Forteness – Enchanted In Time (Original Mix)[Diverted Music)
4. Icone – Sorrow (SoundLift Remix)[Abora Recordings)
5. DK Project – Blues Skies (Soundlift Remix)[Redux Recordings)
6. Arctic Moon – Adelaide (Original Mix)[FSOE Recordings)
7. Kim Svard – Manne’s Song (Original Mix)[Magic Island Recordings)
8. Ciro Visone feat. Sara Pollino – Heart & Soul (Soundlift Remix)[Only One Records)
9. Nery – Redawn (Andy Blueman Remix)[Blue Soho Recordings)
10. Neal Scarborough – Kanya (Andy Blueman Remix)[Subculture)

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VA – Sense Of Life (2017)